Veeiye Biography, Net Worth, Age, State of Origin, Tribe, Husband, Education Background, Parents

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📸 Photo source: - LISTEN: Veeiye Shares Debut EP 'Young & Reckless'

Veeiye: A Versatile Talent Making Waves in the Entertainment World

In this article, we’ll delve into the life and career of Victoria Adeyele, from her early days to her remarkable achievements.

Born on 19th August 1997, this 26-year-old British-born Nigerian is a multifaceted talent, excelling as a TV Personality, Singer, and Songwriter.

In the vibrant realm of Nigerian entertainment, one name has been making significant waves – Victoria Adeyele, better known as Veeiye or simply Vee.

Biography of Veeiye

Victoria Adeyele, widely recognized by her stage name Veeiye, hails from Lagos State, Nigeria. Her unique blend of British and Nigerian heritage adds an extra layer of diversity to her intriguing persona. As a proud Nigerian, Victoria has embraced her roots while navigating the global entertainment scene.

Age and Date of Birth

Veeiye was born on the 19th of August in 1997. At 26 years old, she has already left an indelible mark in the Nigerian entertainment industry.

State of Origin and Tribe

Lagos State is not only her place of birth but also her state of origin. Veeiye’s ties to Lagos run deep, and she proudly represents the rich cultural heritage of the Yoruba tribe, adding a touch of cultural diversity to her identity.

Meet Her Parents: Father and Mother

While Victoria keeps much of her family life private, it’s clear that her parents played a vital role in shaping the talented individual we know today. Her family background has undoubtedly influenced her journey in the entertainment world.

Meet Her Siblings: Brother and Sister

Details about Veeiye’s siblings remain somewhat under the radar. Nonetheless, it’s safe to assume that her family dynamic has contributed to her growth as an artist and TV personality.

Education Background

Though specific details about her education are limited, Veeiye’s intelligence and eloquence shine through her interactions. Her educational journey likely played a part in nurturing her talents.

Veeiye Biography, Net Worth, Age, State of Origin, Tribe, Husband, Education Background, Parents
📸 Photo source: – LISTEN: Veeiye Shares Debut EP ‘Young & Reckless’

Meet Her Husband and Children

In the Big Brother Naija Lockdown Edition of 2020, Victoria Adeyele formed a close bond with fellow contestant Neo Akpofure.

While they were not officially married during the show, their relationship sparked a lot of interest among fans.

It’s worth noting that as of now, there is no confirmation of marriage or children between them, but their love story remains a topic of discussion among fans.


Veeiye’s journey to fame reached its zenith when she participated in the Big Brother Naija Lockdown Edition of 2020. Despite emerging as the 4th Runner Up, she captured the hearts of many with her charisma and talent.

Her musical career has also been flourishing, with hit singles like “On & On,” “Ecstasy,” and “You Know” garnering critical acclaim. These tracks showcase her versatility as a singer and songwriter, and they continue to be fan favorites.

As a TV Personality, Veeiye’s captivating presence has graced screens across Nigeria. Her charm and authenticity make her a beloved figure in the entertainment industry.

Net Worth

In the competitive world of entertainment, success often translates to financial prosperity. Veeiye’s net worth currently stands at an impressive $250,000, a testament to her hard work and dedication.

In Conclusion

Veeiye, also known as Vee, has carved a niche for herself in the Nigerian entertainment scene. Her journey from the Big Brother Naija house to becoming a successful musician and TV personality is nothing short of remarkable.

With a rich cultural heritage and boundless talent, Vee is undoubtedly a rising star to watch out for.

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