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Wizkid, the acclaimed Nigerian music sensation, is not only known for his chart-topping hits but also for his personal life, which often grabs headlines. With three baby mamas and four children, Wizkid’s family dynamics have piqued public curiosity.

In this article, we will delve into the details surrounding Wizkid’s children, their respective mothers, and shed light on the intriguing relationship between Wizkid and Jada Pollock.

However, it’s important to note that the nature of celebrity gossip and reports can sometimes be contradictory, and information may evolve over time.

Wizkid’s Children and Their Mothers

Wizkid’s first son, Boluwatife, was born to Oluwanisola Ogudugu. Binta Diamond Diallo is the mother of his second son, Ayodeji Balogun Junior. Jada Pollock, who is often mentioned as Wizkid’s third baby mama, is the mother of his third son, Zion, and his fourth child, whose name remains undisclosed to the public.

Wizkid Baby Mama's
Wizkid Baby Mama’s

Baby Mama’s

  • Oluwanisola Ogudugu
  • Binta Diamond Diallo
  • Jada Pollock

Oluwanisola Ogudugu

Wizkid’s first baby mama is Oluwanisola Ogudugu, and she is the mother of his first son, Boluwatife Balogun. Ogudugu is a Nigerian entrepreneur and brand influencer. Even though she is married to someone else, she still spends a lot of time with her son.

Ogudugu has been in the media because of her relationship with Wizkid and their journey as co-parents. In 2018, she shared her story about co-parenting with the superstar on Instagram.

Binta Diamond Diallo

Wizkid’s second baby mama is Binta Diamond Diallo, and she is the mother of his second son, Ayodeji Balogun Junior. Binta is originally from Guinea but now lives in the United States. She works as a video vixen, brand influencer, and entrepreneur.

At the beginning of their relationship, there were some problems because Wizkid didn’t initially acknowledge their son.

However, after a paternity test confirmed that he was the father, he accepted his son. Binta has stated that there are no longer any issues between them. She has been in the media because of her relationship with Wizkid and their son.

Jada Pollock

Wizkid has a third baby mama named Jada Pollock, who is a talent manager and music executive from the United States. Jada is also known as Jada Styles and was born in 1983 in the US. She went to St. Saviour’s and St. Olave’s School in the UK and later attended the University of Westminster for her studies.

Jada has a younger sister who is a DJ and goes by the name Skylatylaa. She has two sons with Wizkid: Zion and another whose name hasn’t been officially announced.

Jada has been in a relationship with Wizkid since 2015 and has been managing his career. She is a successful businesswoman who has worked with many famous celebrities in the industry, including Drake.

Wizkid Children (Sons)
Wizkid Children (Sons)


  • Boluwatife Ayo-Balogun
  • Ayodeji Ayo-Balogun
  • Zion Ayo-Balogun

Boluwatife Ayo-Balogun

Boluwatife Balogun is Wizkid’s first son. His mother is Oluwanisola Ogudugu, and he was born in 2011 when she was 19 years old. Boluwatife had the opportunity to represent his school at a sports competition in Dubai.

Unfortunately, in 2022, Wizkid couldn’t attend his graduation ceremony, and some fans criticized him online. Boluwatife is Wizkid’s eldest son among his three sons from different mothers. In 2018, Wizkid lovingly called Boluwatife his boss and first love.

Ayodeji Balogun Junior

Wizkid has a second son named Ayodeji Balogun Junior. His mother is Binta Diamond Diallo, who is originally from Guinea but lives in the United States.

Ayodeji Jr was born on January 15, 2016. At first, Wizkid didn’t believe he was the father, but after Binta showed him a paternity test, he accepted his son. Binta has confirmed that they no longer have any issues between them.

Zion Ayo-Balogun

Wizkid has a third son named Zion Ayo-Balogun. Zion’s mother is Jada Pollock, who is both Wizkid’s international manager and his baby mama. Zion turned 4 years old in 2021, and Wizkid made his birthday special by giving him lots of gifts and taking him to Disneyland.

Zion often accompanies his mother and Wizkid on their tours, including the recent US leg of Wizkid’s Made in Lagos tour. Jada Pollock is also the mother of Wizkid’s second son, but his name hasn’t been officially shared with the press yet.

Is Wizkid Legally Married to Jada Pollock?

People have been wondering if Wizkid is legally married to Jada Pollock or not. In an interview with GQ France, Wizkid mentioned having a wife and child, but he didn’t clearly say if he is legally married.

In 2021, there were reports that Wizkid was planning to marry Jada Pollock, who is the mother of his third child. However, it’s important to note that the term “legal wife” used by fans and media hasn’t been confirmed or proven in relation to Jada Pollock’s status.

Contrasting Claims

In 2019, Teebillz, who is Tiwa Savage’s ex-husband, said that he and Tiwa were still legally married. He also criticized Wizkid for his behavior towards Tiwa on stage.

However, it’s unclear if Teebillz’s claims were true or if there were other problems in their relationship. On the other hand, in a radio interview, Wizkid made a joking comment about not wanting to get married.

He also joked about the idea of moving to Ghana with a younger girlfriend. These comments should be understood as part of a casual conversation and Wizkid’s own sense of humor.

In Conclusion

Wizkid’s personal life, particularly his relationships with his baby mamas and their children, continues to be a topic of interest among fans and the media.

While some reports suggest a potential marriage between Wizkid and Jada Pollock, the exact status of their relationship remains uncertain.

As with any public figure, it’s important to recognize that details surrounding personal lives can be subject to speculation and conflicting information.

As Wizkid continues to make his mark on the global music scene, it’s important to respect his privacy and focus on his artistic accomplishments rather than solely on his personal life.

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