What Is Austin Reaves Net Worth? Austin Reaves Biography, Age, Family, Background, Early Life, Ethnicity, Nationality, Girlfriend

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📸 Source: Los Angeles Times - Austin Reaves Biography

In the world of professional basketball, there are many rising stars making their mark on the court. One such player is Austin Reaves, who currently plays for the Los Angeles Lakers in the National Basketball Association (NBA).

In this article, we will delve into the life and career of Austin Reaves, exploring his background, achievements, and personal life. Join us as we uncover the story behind this talented athlete and discover what sets him apart from the rest.

Austin Reaves Biography

Austin Tyler Reaves, born on May 29, 1998, in Newark, Arkansas, is an American professional basketball player. He stands at an impressive height of 6 feet 5 inches and weighs around 197 pounds. Reaves has made a name for himself in the NBA, showcasing his skills as a shooting guard for the Los Angeles Lakers.

Age and Date of Birth

Austin Reaves is currently 25 years old, having been born on May 29, 1998. His youth and talent make him an exciting prospect to watch on the basketball court.

Nationality and Ethnicity

As an American basketball player, Austin Reaves proudly represents his country on the court. Additionally, he has German heritage, as his grandmother is of German descent.

This connection allowed Reaves to obtain a German passport in 2022, and he has expressed interest in playing for Germany’s national team in the future.

Family Background and Early Life

Family plays a significant role in shaping an individual’s life, and Austin Reaves is no exception. His parents, Brian Reaves and Nicole Wilkett, were both basketball players at Arkansas State University. Reaves grew up in a basketball-loving household, with his parents setting a strong athletic foundation for him.

His mother, Nicole, achieved all-conference honors as a senior, averaging an impressive 21.3 points per game, while his father, Brian, left a mark on the program’s history with 384 career assists.

Reaves’ passion for basketball was further ignited by his brother, Spencer, who also played college basketball for North Greenville and Central Missouri. Spencer’s own basketball journey inspired Austin and contributed to his development as a player.

Education Background

Austin Reaves attended Cedar Ridge High School in Newark, Arkansas. During his high school years, he showcased his talent and dedication to the sport, winning back-to-back Class 2A state titles in his first two years.

Reaves made headlines when he scored a remarkable 73 points in a triple-overtime win over Forrest City High School. His senior year was equally impressive, as he led his team to a Class 3A state title, averaging 32.5 points, 8.8 rebounds, and 5.1 assists per game.

He was named MVP of the state tournament after averaging a staggering 43.3 points in four games. Reaves’ exceptional high school performance garnered him recognition as a two-time Class 3A All-State selection.

After completing high school, Reaves made the decision to pursue college basketball. He committed to playing for Wichita State University, turning down offers from South Dakota State and Arkansas State.

Personal Life: Girlfriend

In the realm of celebrity gossip and rumors, the personal lives of athletes often become a topic of discussion. It has been rumored that Austin Reaves is currently dating Jenna Barber, although there is no official confirmation about their relationship.

It is essential to respect their privacy and avoid making assumptions without concrete evidence. Furthermore, it is worth mentioning that rumors have circulated about a potential romantic connection between Austin Reaves and pop star Taylor Swift.

However, it is important to note that these rumors remain unconfirmed at this time. Reaves’ brother has even mocked the Taylor Swift dating rumor on social media. Until there is official confirmation from either Taylor Swift or Austin Reaves, it is best to regard this news as mere speculation.

Austin Reaves Biography, Age, Family, Background, Early Life, Ethnicity, Nationality, Girlfriend
📸 Source: Los Angeles Times – Austin Reaves Biography


Austin Reaves, a promising basketball talent, embarked on an impressive basketball journey that began in high school and continued into college. Despite facing challenges along the way, Reaves showcased his skills and determination, earning recognition and admiration.

Let’s delve into his inspiring story. Reaves’ basketball journey began in high school, where he displayed exceptional talent and potential.

College Freshman Year

At Wichita State University, Reaves had to undergo shoulder surgery before his freshman season. Despite the setback, he showcased his abilities as a reserve player, averaging 4.1 points per game.

Strides in Sophomore Year

Reaves continued to make progress in his sophomore year. In a game against Tulsa, he set a program record with seven three-pointers in the first half, finishing the season with an average of 8.1 points and shooting 42.5 percent from beyond the arc.

Transfer to the University of Oklahoma

Reaves decided to transfer to the University of Oklahoma after his sophomore year. He utilized the transfer year to improve his physicality through weight training, gaining 20 pounds.

Impactful Years at Oklahoma

In his redshirt junior year, Reaves made a significant impact, leading his team to a comeback victory with a career-high 41 points. This outstanding performance earned him a spot on the Big 12 All-Newcomer Team.

He continued to excel in his senior year, averaging 18.4 points, 5.5 rebounds, and 4.6 assists per game, earning First Team All-Big 12 honors.

NBA Dreams

Despite having one year of college eligibility remaining, Reaves chose to enter the 2021 NBA draft. Although he went undrafted, he signed a two-way contract with the Los Angeles Lakers on August 3, 2021.

Impressive Rookie Year

Reaves proved his worth in his rookie season with the Lakers. Making his NBA debut on October 22, 2021, he scored eight points off the bench against the Phoenix Suns.

Throughout the season, Reaves displayed his versatility and scoring ability, contributing to the team’s success. A standout performance came in the Lakers’ season finale, where he achieved his first triple-double with 31 points, 16 rebounds, and 10 assists against the Denver Nuggets.

Recognition and Ambitions

Reaves has gained recognition and admiration from fans and fellow players alike due to his skills on the court. However, he wishes to establish his own identity, distancing himself from certain nicknames such as “Hillbilly Kobe” and “AR-15,” as he carves his path and makes a name for himself in the NBA.

Net Worth

When it comes to the financial aspect of Austin Reaves’ career, it is estimated that his net worth is around $2 million to $3 million as of 2023. These figures are based on various sources and reflect his earnings and endorsements.

Austin Reaves – Biodata
Full Name Austin Tyler Reaves
Date of Birth: May 29, 1998
Age: 25
Place of Birth Newark, Arkansas, U.S.
Nationality: American
Height: 6 feet 5 inches
Weight: 197 pounds
Position: Shooting Guard
Team: Los Angeles Lakers
College: University of Oklahoma
Net Worth: $2 million to $3 million
Girlfriend Jenna Barber

In Conclusion

Austin Reaves has come a long way from his humble beginnings in Newark, Arkansas, to becoming a rising star in the NBA. With his dedication, talent, and passion for the game, he has made a name for himself as a skilled shooting guard for the Los Angeles Lakers.

Reaves’ journey serves as an inspiration to aspiring athletes, showcasing the importance of hard work and perseverance in achieving success.

Please note that the information provided in this article is based on the available information on the internet and may be subject to change or further updated. You can also check out the full Wikipedia biography and net worth of Kyle Stanley.

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