Big Brother Titans (BBTitans) is the first program of its kind in Africa, and it has housemates from two separate countries: South Africa and Nigeria. The show is broadcast on reality television in South Africa.

Big Brother Titans Housemates Real Names and Pictures, Nationality
This is the full picture of the first set of Big Brother Titans Season 1 Housemates

Big Brother Titans Housemates Real Names

We are going to know the full names, or real names of the Housemates, there nationality, tribes, age, and lot’s more about them below. Just have a view of this post and don’t forget to drop a comment for them below.

The first season of the show included housemates who would be living in a house for a period of ninety days without any contact with the outside world. This was the first time the show had used this format.

Throughout the course of the Big Brother competition, viewers will have the option to vote on which houseguests should be allowed to continue competing and which should be evicted from the house.

Big Brother Titans Host’s

Following that, Ebuka Obi-Uchendu and Lawrence Maleka, who are this year’s presenters, will take the stage after them. This section contains a recap of the first day of the event that just took place.

The following is a wikipedia profile or biodata of each of the housemates who will be participating in the inaugural season of the reality show Big Brother Titans.

Find out more information about the candidates who will be competing in the first season of Big Brother Titans (BBTitans), including their ages, vocations, nationalities, and hometowns.

The amount of votes that were cast by audience members will be tallied at the end of the performance, at which point the winner will be announced at the end of the competition.

Big Brother Titans is the name of the next season of Big Brother, which brings together housemates from South Africa and Nigeria under one roof. The first show of the season features a performance on stage by Boohle and Deep London.

Names, Age, Gender, Occupations and Nationalities

Name Nationality Age Occupation Gender Status
Yvonne Akwa Ibom, Nigeria 27 Model, Skin Care Enthusiast F Evicted
Justin East London, South Africa 21 Photographer/ Content Creator M Evicted
Kanaga Jnr Abia, Nigeria 23 Entrepreneur M Evicted (Second Runner-Up)
Tsatsii Pretoria, South Africa 24 Biomedical Engineering Student F Evicted (Third Runner-Up)
Jenni O Imo, Nigeria 25 Health and Safety Specialist F Evicted
Lukay Free State, South Africa 31 Sales Rep M Evicted
Ebubu Anambra, Nigeria 28 Actor/Model M Evicted
Yaya Cape Town, South Africa 31 Entrepreneur F Evicted
Jaypee Lagos, Nigeria 25 Nurse F Evicted
Thabang Soweto, South Africa 21 Modeling M Evicted
Marvin Portharcourt, Nigeria 29 Chemical Engineer M Evicted
Ipeleng North West, South Africa 25 Law Student F Evicted
Nana Kaduna, Nigeria 22 Business F Evicted
Mmeli Hillbrow, South Africa 27 Model/Content Creator M Evicted
Blaqboi Jos, Nigerian 26 Content Creator F Evicted
Nelisa Durban, South Africa 25 Entrepreneur F Evicted
Olivia Lagos, Nigeria 23 Influencer F Evicted
Siya Juicy Jay Tata, South Africa 27 Rugby Player M Evicted
Yemi Cregx Ekiti, Nigeria 30 Entrepreneur M Evicted
Khosi South African 25 Journalist F Winner
Theo Traw South African 29 Singer M Evicted
Blue Aiva South African 22 Dancer – DJ F Evicted
Miracle OP Nigerian 24 Entrepreneur M Evicted
Sandra Nigerian 27 Businesswoman F Evicted

Based on our Count Above; We have Ten Nigerians and Ten South Africans whom are participating in the Big Brother Titans season 1. While we have eleven female and nine male in the house. Must of them are content creators, student and business moguls.


Meet Khosi Twala the winner of BBtitans season 1, [1] she is a 25-year-old journalist, fitness guru, and model from KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. She studied at the University of Johannesburg.

Khosi is passionate about journalism, health, and fitness. She enjoys sharing her knowledge and inspiring others to live a healthy lifestyle. She also loves modeling and showcasing her unique style.

List of Evicted Housemate

  1. Nana
  2. Miracle Op
  3. Ebubu
  4. Tsatsii (Third Runner-Up)
  5. Ipeleng
  6. Yvonne
  7. Kanaga Jnr (Second Runner-Up)
  8. Blue Aiva
  9. Juicy
  10. Olivia
  11. Nelisa
  12. Yemi Cregx
  13. Yaya
  14. Marvin
  15. Jenni O
  16. Mmeli
  17. Lukay
  18. Jaypee
  19. Sandra
  20. Theo Traw
  21. Blaqboi
  22. Justin
  23. Thabang

Pictures And Names

Below is the beautiful photograph and names of the housemates.

Khosi The Winner

Khosi Big Brother Titans Biography and Nationality, Country, Age, Family, Real Name

Yemi Cregx

Yemi Cregx Biography And Net Worth
Yemi Cregx

Siya Juicy Jay

Siya Juicy Jay Biography And Net Worth
Siya Juicy Jay


Olivia Biography And Net Worth


Nelisa Biography And Net Worth


Blaqboi Biography And Net Worth


Biography And Net Worth


Nana Biography And Net Worth


Ipeleng Biography And Net Worth


Biography And Net Worth


Thabang Biography And Net Worth


Jaypee Biography And Net Worth


Yaya Biography And Net Worth


Ebubu Biography And Net Worth


Lukay Biography And Net Worth

Jenni O

Jenni O Biography And Net Worth
Jenni O


Tsatsii Biography And Net Worth


Kanaga Jnr

Kanaga Jnr Biography And Net Worth
Kanaga Jnr


Justin Biography And Net Worth


Yvonne Biography And Net Worth

This is the end of this post; we are currently making an edit on their full biography and net worth individually. We promise to update you guys with their biodata and lot’s more stories about them.

All our findings and information's regarding this article, were sourced from the above references. If you find any false information on this article, do not hesitate to inform us in the comment section below.
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