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Renowned for his portrayal of Andy Dwyer in the NBC sitcom Parks and Recreation, Chris Pratt is a celebrated American actor with a diverse range of roles in TV shows and movies. In 2015, Time magazine honored Pratt with the title of one of the world’s 100 most influential people, a testament to his success and impact in Hollywood.

He has graced the screens in blockbuster hits like the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Guardians of the Galaxy, where he played Star-Lord, and the Jurassic World trilogy, where he played Owen Grady. His voice acting in The Lego Movie and The Super Mario Bros.

Movie has also been recognized for its brilliance. Apart from his involvement in these lucrative franchises, Chris Pratt has shone as the lead in other top-tier movies like The Magnificent Seven, Passengers, and The Tomorrow War, as well as the TV series The Terminal List.

Chris Pratt Biography

Christopher Michael Pratt is a renowned American actor (born June 21, 1979), in Virginia, Minnesota, making him 43 years old. He has been active in the entertainment industry since 2000, and his contribution to the field is remarkable. ((

Chris Pratt has been married twice. He tied the knot with actress Anna Faris in 2009, but the couple divorced in 2018. In 2019, he married Katherine Schwarzenegger, a member of the Schwarzenegger family and the Kennedy family.

Chris is a proud father of three children. He has close relations with his in-laws, the Schwarzenegger family and Kennedy family. His bond with his family is strong, and he often shares glimpses of his personal life on social media.

As an accomplished actor, Chris Pratt has left his mark on the film industry with his impressive performances in numerous movies and TV shows. He is a sought-after talent and has earned critical acclaim for his roles in several blockbuster hits.

Family Background | Early Life

Christopher Michael Pratt was born in Virginia, Minnesota to a mother who worked at Safeway and a father who worked in mining and home renovations. Sadly, his father passed away in 2014 due to multiple sclerosis.

With Norwegian ancestry, Pratt’s family moved to Lake Stevens, Washington, where he attended Lake Stevens High School.

During his time there, he took fifth place in a state wrestling tournament and was also a shot putter for the track team. After dropping out of community college after the first semester, Chris Pratt dabbled in various occupations, including selling discount tickets and working as a daytime stripper.

He eventually found himself living in a tent and van on the beach in Maui, Hawaii, where he led a bohemian lifestyle of fishing, drinking, and smoking weed. During this time, he also worked for the Christian missionary organization, Jews for Jesus.

Although his future was uncertain, Chris was confident that he would achieve fame and fortune. He found inspiration in Dr. Dre’s 2001 album, which he listened to religiously and memorized all the lyrics.

In a later interview, he even showcased his rap skills, reciting Eminem’s verses from “Forgot About Dre.” Despite his unconventional journey, Chris’s perseverance paid off, and he is now a renowned actor in Hollywood, known for his impressive performances in movies and TV shows.

Chris Pratt Biography and Net Worth, Early Life, Personal Life, Career, Wife, Children, Married

Wife | Children

Chris Pratt, the American actor, writer, and producer, has been in the news for his personal life as well. In 2007, he met Anna Faris, an actress, on the set of a movie, and they got engaged in 2008, after which they tied the knot in Bali, Indonesia in 2009. The couple was blessed with a son in 2012.

The birth of their child, who was born prematurely, made Chris Pratt and his wife pray for their baby’s health, and this strengthened his faith in God. Unfortunately, the couple parted ways in 2017 and their divorce was finalized the next year.

In 2018, Chris Pratt started dating Katherine Schwarzenegger, an author, and they announced their engagement in early 2019. The couple got married later that year in Montecito, California, and they welcomed their first child together in 2020. In May 2022, they welcomed their second daughter, making Chris Pratt a member of the Kennedy family through his marriage to Schwarzenegger.

Pratt was raised Lutheran but later became a non-denominational Christian after working for Jews for Jesus. He attends Zoe Church in Los Angeles, which has been associated with the Hillsong Church, and has been accused of being anti-LGBTQ.

However, Chris Pratt has denied these claims and stated that his church is open to everyone. Director James Gunn also came to his defense, stating that Pratt’s church is welcoming of all people, and criticizing those who called for his recasting in Guardians of the Galaxy.

Chris Pratt has also made donations to political campaigns of both the Republican and Democratic parties in the past, including Barack Obama’s 2012 campaign. He has expressed that he does not feel represented by either political party.

Public Image

Christopher Michael Pratt’s talent and hard work in the entertainment industry have not gone unnoticed, as he has won several awards and received numerous accolades. He was named Breakthrough Performer at the CinemaCon Awards in March 2014 and ranked second on People magazine’s Sexiest Men Alive list that same year.

Entertainment Weekly even showcased his impressive physical transformation on their July 18, 2014, cover, where he went from weighing 220 pounds (100 kg) to 295 pounds (134 kg) for his role in Delivery Man, then back down to 225–230 pounds (102–104 kg) for his other roles in Zero Dark Thirty and Guardians of the Galaxy.

Chris Pratt even poked fun at his fluctuating weight in a musical number during his hosting stint on the September 27, 2014, episode of Saturday Night Live. In recognition of his contributions to the film industry, Chris Pratt was honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame on April 21, 2017, located at 6834 Hollywood Boulevard. This further solidified his status as a prominent figure in Hollywood.


Christopher Michael Pratt and his ex-wife Anna Faris have a philanthropic streak that’s worth noting. They donated a whopping $1 million to an organization that provides eyeglasses to underprivileged children, inspired by their own son, who was born prematurely and had vision problems.

The couple has also supported the March of Dimes, which helps prevent premature births, infant mortality, and birth defects. They donated to the neonatal intensive care unit at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles.

Chris Pratt has been active in his hometown of Lake Stevens, Washington, where he donated $500,000 to a teen center named after his late father in December 2016. In 2021, he donated $20,000 to aid South Carolina’s fight against hunger as part of a charity fundraiser by his organization.

He founded Feed Thy Neighbor, to which he gave $100,000, and contributed $10,000 to the Edmonds Food Bank, Edmonds Chamber of Commerce, and Edmonds Waterfront Center in his home state.


Christopher Michael Pratt is an American actor famous for his quick wit, action hero roles, and versatility in seamlessly switching between comedy and drama. Pratt’s journey in the entertainment industry began with minor roles in popular television shows such as The Huntress, The O.C., and Everwood.

However, he became widely known for his portrayal of the lovable Andy Dwyer in the hit NBC sitcom Parks and Recreation, which aired from 2009 to 2015. Pratt’s career took off when he starred as the lead in the Marvel Studios’ blockbuster hit Guardians of the Galaxy (2014).

He received high praise for his performance as Peter Quill/Star-Lord, his humorous dialogue delivery, infectious charisma, and gripping action sequences. He reprised his role in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 (2017), Avengers: Infinity War (2018), and Avengers: Endgame (2019).

Apart from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Chris Pratt has starred in several other successful films such as The Lego Movie (2014), Jurassic World (2015), Passengers (2016), and The Magnificent Seven (2016). In 2018, he featured in the action-adventure film Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, which grossed over $1.3 billion worldwide.

Pratt’s vocal prowess also extends to animated films, including The Lego Movie (2014) and its sequel, The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part (2019). He voiced the protagonist, Emmet Brickowski, in both films. In 2019, he lent his voice to Barley Lightfoot’s character in Pixar’s Onward.

Apart from acting, Chris Pratt is also a writer and producer. He wrote and produced the comedy film Take Me Home Tonight (2011) and served as an executive producer of the TV series The Terminal List (2022).

Chris Pratt has received numerous accolades for his acting, including two Teen Choice Awards, a Saturn Award, and a CinemaCon Award. Time Magazine listed him among the 100 Most Influential People in the World in 2014.

Pratt’s range as an actor, his infectious humor, and his magnetic charm have made him one of Hollywood’s most sought-after stars. He continues to delight audiences with his performances and remains a significant figure in the entertainment industry.

Chris Pratt Biography and Net Worth

Net Worth

As of May 2023, Pratt’s net worth is estimated to be around $80 million, according to Wealthy Gorilla and (( (( However, other sources like The Richest and CA Knowledge estimate his net worth to be $40 million and $90 million, respectively.

Pratt’s financial success can be attributed to his involvement in several successful franchises, including the Jurassic Park and Marvel Cinematic Universe franchises.

Apart from his acting career, Chris Pratt has been a brand ambassador for many companies, including Chevrolet, Amazon, Swans Island Co., Travis Mathew, and Jackery USA. His association with these brands has helped him gain recognition beyond the film industry. ((

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