Francesco Del Balso Biography, Net Worth, Age, Family, Ethnicity, Background, Wife, Children, Early Life

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In the shadowy world of organized crime, Francesco Del Balso emerged as a prominent and assertive figure within the Montreal Mafia. However, his journey through the treacherous underworld ultimately met a tragic end in the West Island.

In this biography blog post, we delve into the life of Francesco Del Balso, exploring his brief biography, age and date of birth, nationality and ethnicity, family background and early life, education background, personal life, career, net worth, and ultimately, his untimely demise.

Francesco Del Balso Biography

Francesco Del Balso, a man whose name struck both fear and curiosity in the hearts of many, lived a life shrouded in secrecy. He was known to be a senior member of the Rizzuto crime family during the leadership of Vito Rizzuto, one of the most notorious figures in the history of Canadian organized crime.

However, as the tides of power shifted following Vito Rizzuto’s death, Del Balso found himself navigating treacherous waters in his pursuit of personal influence and control within the organization.

Age and Date of Birth

Francesco Del Balso was born in the year 1970, at the time of his tragic demise on June 5, 2023, he was 53 years old, having spent more than half of his life immersed in the clandestine activities of the Montreal Mafia.

Nationality and Ethnicity

Del Balso hailed from Montreal, Quebec, making him a Canadian citizen by birth. As for his ethnicity, he was a part of the rich tapestry of multiculturalism that defined the city, with Montreal serving as a melting pot of diverse backgrounds and heritages.

Family Background and Early Life

Details about Francesco Del Balso’s family background and early life remain shrouded in secrecy. The inner workings of the Mafia often shield its members’ personal lives from public scrutiny, ensuring that their loved ones remain protected from the dangers that accompany their chosen path.

Although we lack specific information about Del Balso’s family, it is safe to assume that his connections within the criminal underworld ran deep.

Education Background

While it is challenging to uncover information about Del Balso’s education background, his life experiences and interactions within the Mafia likely served as a formidable education in its own right.

In the world of organized crime, survival often hinges on street smarts and a deep understanding of the intricate power dynamics at play.

Personal Life: Wife and Children

Similar to other aspects of his life, details about Francesco Del Balso’s personal relationships and marital status remain elusive.

The Mafia is notorious for its emphasis on secrecy and discretion, which extends to the personal lives of its members. It is conceivable that Del Balso led a private existence, shielding his loved ones from the dangers associated with his criminal activities.

Francesco Del Balso Biography, Net Worth, Age, Family, Ethnicity, Background, Wife, Children, Early Life
📸 Source: National Post – Francesco Del Balso Biography


Francesco Del Balso’s career was one enmeshed in the dark underbelly of organized crime. He rose through the ranks of the Montreal Mafia, solidifying his position as a senior member within the notorious Rizzuto crime family.

During his tenure, he demonstrated an audacious disregard for consequences, engaging in recorded conversations where he made brazen threats.

However, Del Balso’s criminal exploits eventually caught up with him. In 2006, he found himself at the center of Project Colisée, a vast police investigation into the Montreal Mafia and its leaders.

The evidence that emerged during this operation catapulted Del Balso into the public eye, exposing his involvement in illicit activities and solidifying his reputation as a high-ranking figure within the criminal organization.

In 2008, facing the weight of the evidence against him, Del Balso pleaded guilty to several charges related to Project Colisée. The court sentenced him to a lengthy prison term of 15 years, one of the harshest penalties handed down in connection with the investigation.

This incarceration marked a significant turning point in Del Balso’s life, as the organized crime landscape in Montreal underwent profound transformations during his time behind bars.

Net Worth

Unfortunately, concrete details about Francesco Del Balso’s net worth remain unknown. The clandestine nature of his activities and the covert financial dealings within the criminal underworld make it difficult to assess the extent of his wealth accurately.

Del Balso’s involvement in organized crime likely afforded him a certain degree of financial gain, but the precise figures remain hidden from public view.

In Conclusion

Francesco Del Balso’s life serves as a testament to the allure and danger of the criminal underworld. As a senior member of the Rizzuto crime family, he navigated a treacherous path, seeking power and influence in a world governed by its own twisted rules.

Ultimately, his tragic demise in the West Island left a void in the hierarchy of the Montreal Mafia.

The full extent of Del Balso’s contributions to organized crime may never be fully revealed, but his story stands as a cautionary tale of the consequences that accompany a life entangled in illicit activities.

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