Francis Agu Biography, Early Life, Personal Life, Career, Net Worth, Family, Parents, Siblings

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The Inspiring Journey of Francis Agu: A Glimpse into His Brief Biography – In the world of Nigerian television and cinema, the name Francis Agu shines brightly.

Francis Agu Biography

Born on 18th February 1965 in Lagos, Nigeria, to the Catholic family of Fidelis and Virginia Agu, this remarkable actor left an indelible mark on the Nigerian entertainment scene before his untimely passing on 20th March 2007.

This blog post aims to offer you a comprehensive glimpse into the life of Francis Agu, encompassing his early life, education, career, personal life, and more.

Age and Date of Birth

Francis Okechukwu Agu was born on 18th February 1965. His birthplace was Lagos, Nigeria.

State of Origin and Tribe

He hailed from Enugu-Ngwo in Enugu state, which is a part of the Igbo tribe. His cultural heritage and family roots in Enugu-Ngwo played a significant role in shaping his life and career.


As a member of the Catholic family of Fidelis and Virginia Agu, Francis was raised in the Catholic faith.

His early years were marked by his involvement in church activities, including being part of the Altar Boys and serving as a Lector at St. Dominic’s Catholic Church in Yaba, Lagos.

Personal Life

Francis Agu Biography, Early Life, Personal Life, Career, Net Worth, Family, Parents, Siblings

Meet His Wife and Children

While Francis Agu’s professional life was well-documented, there is limited public information available about his personal life, particularly regarding his wife and children. These aspects of his life remained relatively private, away from the spotlight.

Meet His Father and Mother

Francis was the seventh of eight children born to Fidelis and Virginia Agu. His parents, undoubtedly, played a significant role in shaping his values and character, as well as instilling in him a sense of cultural pride.

Siblings: Meet His Brother and Sister

Growing up as the seventh of eight siblings, Francis must have shared many cherished moments with his brothers and sisters. While specific details about his siblings are not widely available, his family bonds undoubtedly influenced his life journey.


Francis Agu’s journey into the world of entertainment began at the Yodrac Playhouse, located at St. Dominic’s Church in Lagos.

At that time, he was working for Nigeria Arab Bank in Lagos, and his talent was immediately recognized by the founder of Yodrac, George Eboka.

His foray into acting included memorable roles in plays like “This is Our Chance” by James Ene Henshaw and “The Gods Are Not to Blame” by Ola Rotimi, among others.

His acting career thrived, and he became a notable figure in Nigerian entertainment. One of his most significant roles was in the TV soap opera “Checkmate,” where he portrayed the character, Benny.

Additionally, he starred as Ichie Million in the first Nigerian Home Video, “Living in Bondage,” which catapulted him to national fame. Francis Agu later ventured into film production and direction, leaving a legacy of remarkable films.

Education Background

Francis Agu’s educational journey began at Ladi-Lak Institute Alagomeji in Ebute-Metta, Lagos.

His high school education took place at St. Finbarr’s College in Lagos, where he was mentored by the school’s founder, Rev. Fr. Dennis Joseph Slattery.

He pursued further education at the University of Lagos, studying Mass Communication.

Net Worth

According to BuzzLearn, his net worth is estimated to be between $1 million and $6 million.


What was his real name?

Francis Agu’s real name was Francis Okechukwu Agu.

How old was he when he passed away?

Francis Agu passed away on 20th March 2007, at the age of 42.

Was he married or did he have a girlfriend?

Information about Francis Agu’s marital status and relationships is limited in the public domain.

Did he have any children?

Specific details about Francis Agu’s children are not widely available.

What was his net worth?

His net worth estimates vary, as mentioned earlier.

Where was he born?

Francis Agu was born in Lagos, Nigeria.

In Conclusion

Francis Agu’s life and career were filled with talent, dedication, and a deep connection to his cultural roots.

While he may have left this world prematurely, his impact on Nigerian entertainment continues to be felt.

His legacy remains a testament to the power of talent and passion in the world of acting and filmmaking.

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