Francis Anabor Godwin Wife and Children, Marriage

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Francis Anabor Godwin, previously a successful entrepreneur, has undergone a significant life transformation and now works as a taxi driver, highlighting a story of wealth, setbacks, and resilience.

Born into a financially struggling family, he dedicated himself to achieving success. Through investments in diverse businesses, he accumulated wealth, only to face a downfall marked by a divorce and betrayal by close friends.

Currently, he drives a taxi to make ends meet. His personal life, marked by two marriages and divorces, also contributed to his challenges. The precise reasons for his misfortune vary, with factors like betrayal, divorce, and spiritual concerns being suggested.

Francis Anabor Godwin Wife and Children, Marriage

Francis Anabor Godwin, a businessman from Edo State, had two marriages. His first wife, Toyin, and he divorced in 2008. Later, he married Anthonia, a police sergeant, and they had four children together.

The children are Bose, who holds a Ph.D. and resides in London, a doctor (gender unspecified), Tunde, the youngest son living in America, and another child with no details provided.

Get to Know Francis Anabor Godwin

Francis Anabor Godwin’s life story serves as a stark reminder of the transient nature of success. Once a prosperous entrepreneur, raking in billions monthly, he now finds himself driving a taxi.

Imagine the emotional toll of such a fall from grace, reminiscing about a time when he owned expensive jewelry, cars, and more. In this article, we delve into the details of Francis Anabor’s downfall, shedding light on the factors that led to his current occupation as a taxi driver.

Born into a struggling family in Kano State, with roots in Fugar, Edo State, Francis faced hardships in his early years. His father, a poor farmer, could barely provide three square meals a day. Despite these challenges, Francis was determined not to succumb to poverty.

Through relentless hard work, Francis Anabor Godwin rose from humble beginnings to become one of Nigeria’s top 20 richest men. He invested in various businesses, accumulating properties, a fleet of cars, and successful companies.

Known for his generosity, he often provided palliatives to those in need, empathizing with the hardships he endured as a child. However, his fortunes took a nosedive after divorcing his first wife in 2008, citing her penchant for partying.

Francis attributed his downfall to betrayal by close friends. As a result, he now works as a taxi driver, striving to make ends meet and sustain himself.

His second marriage to Anthonia, whom he met in a police station, resulted in four children. Unfortunately, just months after divorcing his first wife, Francis witnessed the unraveling of his investments and hard-earned success.

Francis Anabor Godwin’s story serves as a cautionary tale about the fragility of success and the unforeseen challenges life may throw our way.

Francis Anabor Godwin Wife and Children, Marriage

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