Gbadebo Rhodes Vivour Biography and Net Worth, Age, State, Family, Hometown, Wife, Education

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Meet Gbadebo Rhodes Vivour, who is the governorship candidate of the Labour Party in Lagos state, Nigeria for the 2023 election. We will be reading his full Wikipedia biodata and full biography and net worth below.

Gbadebo Patrick Rhodes-Vivour, also known as GRV, is a Nigerian architect, activist, and politician. He was chosen by the Labour party as their candidate for the governorship of Lagos State in the 2023 election.

Before that, Gbadebo Rhodes Vivour ran as the candidate of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) for Lagos West senatorial district in the 2019 Nigerian Senate elections.

Wikipedia Profile | Biodata

Real Name: Gbadebo Patrick Rhodes-Vivour
Date of Birth: 8 March 1983
Age: 40 years old @ 2023
State of Origin: Lagos State, Nigeria
Place of Birth: Lagos Island, Lagos, Nigeria
Nationality: Nigerian
Wife: Ifeyinwa Aniebo
Marital Status: Married
Occupation: Entrepreneur | Politicain
Net Worth: < $500k
Political Party: Labour Party (LP)
Education: University of Nottingham
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
University of Lagos (UNILAG)
Parents: Olawale Rhodes-Vivour (father)
Nkechi Rhodes-Vivour (mother)

Gbadebo Rhodes Vivour Biography

Gbadebo Patrick Rhodes-Vivour was born on 8th March 1983 in Lagos Island, Nigeria. He is a Nigerian citizen and an architect, politician, and activist.

He is also related to William Vivour, his great-great-great-grandfather, and Steven Bankole Rhodes, his great-grandfather, among others.

Gbadebo Rhodes Vivour Biography and Net Worth, Age, State, Family, Hometown, Wife, Education

Who Is Gbadebo Rhodes Vivour?

Gbadebo Rhodes Vivour is a renowned figure in the Nigerian political space, known for his activism and advocacy against the authorization or introduction of Genetically Modified Foods (GMOs) into Nigeria.

He is an architect, and also an entrepreneur, he has been recognized for his outstanding work in architecture and entrepreneurship, with vast experience in the field.

Age | Date of Birth

Gbadebo Patrick Vivour was born on the 8th of March 1983 in Lagos State, Nigeria. He is currently at the age of 40 years old this year 2023.

State of Origin | Birthplace

He was born in Lagos State, Nigeria. He is related to the former justice of the Supreme Court of Nigeria & jurist, Bode Rhodes-Vivour.

Gbadebo Rhodes Vivour Biography and Net Worth, Age, State, Family

Family | Parents

Gbadebo is married to Ifeyinwa Aniebo and has notable family members, including his father, Olawale Rhodes-Vivour, and his grandfather, Akinwunmi Rhodes-Vivour. He is related to:

  • William Vivour (great-great-great-grandfather)
  • Steven Bankole Rhodes (great-grandfather)
  • Akinwunmi Rhodes-Vivour (grand father)
  • Bode Rhodes-Vivour (uncle)
  • Augustine Aniebo (father-in-law)

Education Background

He received his bachelor’s and master’s degrees in architecture from the University of Nottingham and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), respectively. Additionally, he earned a Master of Research and Public Policy degree from the University of Lagos (UNILAG).

Gbadebo’s passion for architecture started from a young age, and he pursued his studies with dedication, which led him to study at two of the world’s best institutions for architecture.

Children | Wife

Gbadebo Rhodes-Vivour is married to Dr Ify Aniebo, PhD, a molecular geneticist. The couple’s union is an example of two brilliant minds coming together to make a difference in society.

Gbadebo’s passion for architecture and advocacy work is matched by Ify’s dedication to science, making them a formidable force in their respective fields.

Net Worth

He is expected to be worth more or less than, $500k. Gbadebo Rhodes-Vivour is an exceptional Nigerian who has excelled in various fields.

From his early beginnings as an architecture student to his activism and advocacy work against GMOs, Gbadebo has shown that he is committed to making a difference in society.

His journey into politics is a testament to his dedication to serving his people, and we can only hope that he continues to use his platform to bring about positive change in Nigeria.

Political Career

Gbadebo Rhodes-Vivour delved into politics in 2007 when he contested for the Ikeja Local Government Chairmanship position under the umbrella of the KOWA party.

In 2019, he clinched the party ticket to represent Lagos West senatorial district at the national assembly under the PDP. Although he lost the election, Gbadebo didn’t give up.

He headed to the tribunal to challenge the result, citing incidents of widespread violence and discrepancies in the result. He requested a rerun, which wasn’t granted.

On the 10th of August 2022, Gbadebo emerged as the Labor Party’s aspirant for the Lagos State governor’s upcoming election after decamping from the PDP.

Gbadebo Rhodes Vivour Biography

Entrepreneurship | Advocacy

Gbadebo Rhodes-Vivour is a successful architect with vast experience in the field. He founded Spatial Tectonics, a company that specializes in architecture, design, and engineering services. He also serves on the boards of Alhuda Construction Nigeria and Delta International Commercial City Ltd.

Gbadebo’s advocacy work is centered around Nigerians Against GMOs (NAG), an organization he founded that advocate against the authorization or introduction of Genetically Modified Foods (GMOs) into Nigeria.

He has been a vocal critic of the then Minister of Agriculture, Akinwumi Adeshina, for his move to introduce GMOs to the country. Thank you for reading his full Wikipedia biodata, biography and net worth.


How Old Is Gbadebo Rhodes Vivour?

He is 40 years old this year 2023.

Gbadebo Rhodes Vivour Is from Which State?

He was born in Lagos Island, Lagos state, Nigeria.

Who Is Gbadebo Rhodes Vivour Wife?

He is married to Ifeyinwa Aniebo.

Is Gbadebo Rhodes Vivour Married?

Yes, he is married.

How Rich Is Gbadebo Rhodes Vivour?

He is worth about $500k.

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