Is DJ Roja Married? Meet DJ Roja Wife | Girlfriend, Relationship, Marriage

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Is DJ Roja Married? Meet DJ Roja Wife | Girlfriend, Relationship, Marriage: He forms one half of the well-known DJ duo, Slick Stuart and Roja, a partnership celebrated for its musical ingenuity.

DJ Roja, a prominent young DJ, has left a significant mark on the music industry with his distinctive mixes, inspiring numerous aspiring DJs to join this creative realm.


Roja and Slick Stuart are not only renowned for their DJ performances but also for their collaborations with musicians, co-producing and holding full rights to the released music.

Roja wears multiple hats in the entertainment scene, not only DJing on NBS TV’s “NBS After 5” alongside DVJ Mercy pro but also presenting on NXT Radio, where he features Qitui.

One of their standout events is the annual mixtape party, a gathering where fans are treated to an array of continuous music. However, for this spotlight, let’s delve into a comprehensive profile of DJ Roja.

DJ Roja Biography

Born Rogers Kitaka Nsubuga on September 29, 1989, in Kampala, Uganda, DJ Roja hails from the Hajji family. He spent his formative years in various neighborhoods in Kampala, including Ntinda, Kireka, Kiwatule, and Kamokya.

Roja’s educational journey encompassed institutions like City High School and Kanjuki SS. After completing high school, he pursued a diploma in Mechanical Engineering, specializing in refrigeration and air conditioning, at Kyambogo University’s Mbale branch.

His A-level subjects—Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, and Economics—earned him a government scholarship for his university studies.

DJ Career

During an internship at Sheraton Hotel Kampala, Roja decided to shift gears from engineering to pursue his passion for DJing. His determination to live a different lifestyle led him to the world of music.

He gained mixing skills under the guidance of his uncle Cannibus, the owner of Blaster Sound. However, his family’s disappointment led him to leave home.

Connecting with DJ Pollo, Roja became an understudy, eventually finding his way to Beats for Life in Bugolobi after collaborating with DJ Mercy. His journey continued through various venues until he found a turning point at Wave Lounge, where he became a start-up DJ for the late DJ Momo.

Formation of Slick Stuart and Roja

In 2012, Roja crossed paths with Slick Stuart, another talented DJ known for his extended mixes. The two DJs frequently encountered each other at events, eventually sharing the stage during performances by international acts.

Although not an immediate decision, the duo’s formation took shape in 2014 when they realized their shared musical direction. They started by playing back-to-back sets before evolving into a cohesive unit.

The duo’s inaugural mixtape party, hosted at Club Venom in 2014, marked a successful beginning, motivating them to establish it as an annual event. Collaborating with artists stemmed from their shared vision, and their efforts culminated in successful tracks like “Walk to Work” with Nutty Neithan.

Musical Ventures and Achievements

Roja and Slick Stuart’s journey led them to Kfm under Nation Media Group in 2016, where they became official DJs for the station. They later joined Next Media Services in 2018, contributing their DJing talents to NXT Radio.

Their discography features notable songs like “Eva” featuring Ykee Benda, “Attention” featuring Naila Ali, and “Kigwaleero” featuring Jose Chameleon.

These contributions earned them recognition, including awards such as Buzz Teens’ Wickedest DJ of the Year in 2016 and HiPipo Music Awards’ DJ of the Year in 2017.

Challenges and Controversies

Roja’s journey hasn’t been without challenges. In 2019, he faced controversy after an incident involving his girlfriend, and he even encountered a confrontation with Jose Chameleon. Despite these hurdles, Roja continues to shine in the music scene.

Is DJ Roja Married? Meet DJ Roja Wife | Girlfriend, Relationship, Marriage
📸 Photo: Galaxy FM – Is DJ Roja Married, Meet DJ Roja Wife, Girlfriend, Relationship, Marriage

Is DJ Roja Married? Meet DJ Roja Wife, Girlfriend

DJ Roja was previously in a relationship with Daniela Maria, but they decided to part ways in 2019. However, there is no available information about DJ Roja’s current marital status. This article aims to give you a clear and easy understanding of DJ Roja’s past relationship and current situation.

In Conclusion

DJ Roja’s story is one of transformation, determination, and musical innovation. His evolution from a mechanical engineering student to a celebrated DJ and music producer exemplifies the power of following one’s passion.

Together with Slick Stuart, he has not only left a mark on Uganda’s music industry but also inspired future DJs and music enthusiasts.


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