Is Lilian Afegbai Married, Who Is Her Husband

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A Beautiful Picture of Lilian Afegbai

Lilian Afegbai, a renowned Nigerian actress and former participant in Big Brother Africa, recently shared her thoughts on marriage, sparking some controversy.

During an interview on Toke Makinwa’s Toke Moment show, she expressed that she occasionally has reservations about tying the knot.

Afegbai emphasized her belief that a man intending to marry should possess a house and a car, suggesting that there might be something amiss if these prerequisites are lacking.

She went on to clarify that her criteria for a life partner do not involve seeking a billionaire but rather a man who is financially stable enough to handle basic responsibilities, given her own independent financial status.

In response to criticisms, Afegbai reiterated her preference for a comfortable life with a partner capable of self-sufficiency.

Is Lilian Afegbai Married, Who Is Her Husband
A Beautiful Picture of Lilian Afegbai

Is Lilian Afegbai Married

In a recent interview with Saturday Beats, the reality TV star talked about her fears. Lilian Afegbai also said that her fears have nothing to do with social media.

The nollywood actress says that she doesn’t want to get married because people don’t take marriage as seriously as they used to.

Who Is Lilian Afegbai’s Husband

In an Interview, Lilian Afegbai Said; “I don’t look at people’s marriages or lives,” Afegbai said. I believe that everyone is different and that people shouldn’t look at the lives of others to judge them. It does not make sense. But, of course, I’m afraid of marriage.

“The Internet has nothing to do with my cold feet. I’m learning now how to get closer to God. I think that as a Christian, I should enjoy the good things in life. It means that if I get married, my marriage will work out by God’s grace. But that doesn’t change the fact that I have cold feet.

“At this point, I give everything over to God. I love my family and kids, and I want a great husband. But I want what God wants for me at the end of the day.

“I’m worried about the generation we live in now. Marriage isn’t as important to this generation as it was in the past. We don’t know what marriage is about. So, we need God’s help to get there. Every little problem in a marriage these days makes people want to get a divorce, but it’s normal to have problems in a marriage.

“If we didn’t live in the age of social media, the settlement would happen faster. I’m not saying that you can’t leave if you’re unhappy. Of course, you can leave if it’s making you feel bad. I won’t give up who I am and what makes me happy for love.

“I’ll only be interested in people who like the way I live. But I can give up some things that don’t hurt my peace of mind for love. “Let’s say I meet a man who doesn’t like how often I go out. “I can cut back on going out for love, but I won’t stop going out all together,” she said.

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