Iveth Luna - Ears To Hear Lyrics

Iveth Luna – Ears To Hear Lyrics

Red Street Records signee, Iveth Luna has released a new song called “Ears To Hear.” download to listen and read lyrics, the just-released performance video. “Ears To Hear” comes after her recent song, “In You.”


Iveth Luna - Ears To Hear Lyrics

Luna said this about the song: “This new song means a lot to me because it reminds me to keep my heart open and ready to hear God’s voice.”

Iveth Luna Ears To Hear Lyrics

She says that this song is a “prayer” that God will bring us closer to him and keep us from letting the worries of the world harden our hearts. During hard times, heartfelt lyrics remind listeners to “draw near” to God and have “ears to hear” his voice.

Luna is a worship leader and CCM artist who comes from Dallas. Luna has a unique style that comes from her experience as a worship leader and from listening to pop and Latin music. She can speak and perform in both English and Spanish.


And since “In You” came out a year ago, both her music and popularity have been getting better and better. Millions of people hear her on the radio, Pandora, and Amazon Music, and every week, more and more people watch her videos on YouTube.

Luna has also been on the “Divine Sound” playlist on Amazon Music and the “Novedades Cristianas” playlist on Spotify. “Iveth Luna wants her music to help heal, comfort, and point to the truth of God,” her team said.

Lyrics coming soon!


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