Meet Jane Yumiko Ittogi Husband and Children, Jane Yumiko Ittogi Husband and Children

Meet Jane Yumiko Ittogi Husband and Children: Jane Yumiko Ittogi Husband and Children

Jane Yumiko Ittogi: Husband and Children Revealed | Biography – Discover the family life of Jane Yumiko Ittogi, including details about her husband and children. Explore her inspiring journey and contributions to society in this engaging biography.


Jane Yumiko Ittogi Biography

Jane Yumiko Ittogi is renowned as the wife of the former deputy prime minister, Tharman Shanmugaratnam. She was born in Japan to a Japanese father and a Chinese mother but moved to Singapore at the tender age of six.

Singapore has been her home since she was three years old. Jane Yumiko Ittogi is actively involved in the social enterprise and nonprofit arts community.

One of her significant roles has been serving as the chair of the board of directors at the Singapore Art Museum for over a decade.

Moreover, she has been a strong advocate for providing professional art classes in prisons, initiating this effort in 2006. Jane Yumiko Ittogi appears to be in her late fifties and, besides being a devoted mother and wife, she has committed herself to making positive contributions to society.


Her estimated net worth is approximately $5 million. Jane Yumiko Ittogi’s influence extends to her children, Krishan and Arjun, who are the youngest siblings in the family.

Meet Jane Yumiko Ittogi Husband and Children, Jane Yumiko Ittogi Husband and Children
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Meet Her Children and Husband

The politician has a successful career and a happy married life with his wife, Jane Yumiko Ittogi. They’ve been together for many years and have grown-up children. Tharman Shanmugaratnam is a well-known politician and economist from Singapore.

He served as deputy prime minister from 2011 to 2019 and currently holds the position of senior minister, overseeing social policies and chairing the country’s monetary authority.

Recent reports suggest that Mr. Tharman has left the cabinet to enter the presidential race in Singapore, generating significant interest in his personal and professional life.

The couple initially met in London while Jane Yumiko Ittogi was pursuing her higher education. Despite both being from Singapore, they crossed paths in the UK.

Although their exact marriage date remains undisclosed, it’s safe to say that they’ve been together for several decades. Some of their grown-up children live abroad, but the family stays closely connected through messages and calls.

Despite their busy schedules, this family always finds time to spend together. Jane and her husband allow their children to follow their own paths in life, offering unwavering support for their choices.

They’ve instilled in their kids the belief that learning is a lifelong journey and the importance of acquiring new skills and staying updated. Furthermore, they’ve encouraged their daughters and sons to think independently by fostering a culture of questioning and critical thinking.

Their marriage remains strong, and apart from their marital happiness, Tharman and Jane have four children – a daughter named Maya and three sons named Aruvan, Aran, and Akilan Shanmugaratnam.

The former deputy prime minister and his wife intentionally raised their children away from the spotlight, known for their parenting philosophy that emphasizes allowing children to explore their interests and make their own choices.



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