Kareem Adepoju: A Nigerian Film Icon

Kareem Adepoju, widely known as “Baba Wande,” is a renowned Nigerian actor, film producer, and writer.

His journey in the world of Nigerian cinema began in 1962, and he continues to make a significant impact to this day.

Kareem Adepoju Biography

Alhaji Kareem Adepoju was born in Osogbo, Nigeria. He is a proud Nigerian citizen and has become a celebrated figure in the country’s film industry.


Actor, Film Producer, and Writer

Kareem has worn many hats in the Nigerian film industry. As an actor, he has portrayed memorable roles in a variety of films.

Notably, in 1993, he gained widespread recognition for his performance as “Oloye Otun” in the film “Ti Oluwa Ni Ile.”


Kareem Adepoju’s filmography is rich and diverse. Some of his notable works include:

  1. “Oluweri Magboojo”
  2. “Ti Oluwa Ni Ile”
  3. “Ayọ Ni Mọ Fẹ”
  4. “Abeni”
  5. “Arugba”
  6. “Igbekun”
  7. “Òbúko Dúdú”
  8. “Ika lomo ejo”
  9. “Enu Eye” (2010)
  10. “Anikulapo” (2022)
  11. “Osa meji”


Kareem, aka “Baba Wande,” is known for his exceptional contributions to Nigerian cinema. His work has left a lasting impact on the industry, and he continues to be celebrated for his talents.

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In Conclusion

Adepoju’s career in the world of Nigerian cinema has been nothing short of remarkable. As an actor, film producer, and writer, he has left an indelible mark on the industry.

His notable performances in films like “Ti Oluwa Ni Ile” and “Anikulapo” have solidified his place as a true icon of Nigerian cinema.

His legacy will undoubtedly continue to inspire generations of filmmakers and actors.

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