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Let’s explore the fascinating personal life of Leonardo DiCaprio, including his ex-wives, former partners, children, family, parents, siblings, and marriages. Learn more about the relationships that have shaped the life of this renowned actor and environmentalist.

Leonardo DiCaprio Biography

Leonardo DiCaprio, born on November 11, 1974, in Los Angeles, California, is a highly acclaimed American actor, film producer, and environmentalist. He is known for his exceptional talent and has received numerous prestigious awards throughout his career.

Raised by his parents Irmelin and George DiCaprio, Leonardo grew up as an only child. His father has Italian and German ancestry, while his mother is of German descent. DiCaprio began his acting journey in the late 1980s, appearing in television commercials.


In the early 1990s, he had recurring roles in various TV shows, including the sitcom Parenthood. He made his breakthrough in the film industry with his role as author Tobias Wolff in the movie This Boy’s Life (1993), earning critical acclaim and his first Academy Award and Golden Globe Award nominations.

DiCaprio achieved international fame through his performances in the star-crossed romances Romeo + Juliet (1996) and Titanic (1997), which became the highest-grossing film at the time. To diversify his career and move away from the romantic hero image, DiCaprio sought roles in different genres.

He starred in notable films such as the crime dramas Catch Me If You Can (2002) and Gangs of New York (2002), marking the beginning of his successful collaborations with director Martin Scorsese. DiCaprio continued to receive acclaim for his performances in movies like The Aviator (2004), Blood Diamond (2006), The Departed (2006), and Revolutionary Road (2008).

In recent years, DiCaprio has been involved in environmental activism and documentary filmmaking through his production company, Appian Way Productions. He has also established the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation, a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting environmental awareness.

As a United Nations Messenger of Peace, he actively supports charitable causes. DiCaprio’s notable films include Inception (2010), Django Unchained (2012), The Wolf of Wall Street (2013), The Revenant (2015), Once Upon a Time in Hollywood (2019), and Don’t Look Up (2021).

With his significant contributions to the arts and his influential status, DiCaprio has received several accolades and recognition, including being named one of Time magazine’s 100 most influential people in the world in 2016. In a 2022 readers’ poll by Empire, he was voted as one of the 50 greatest actors of all time.

Leonardo DiCaprio Ex Wifes, Ex Partners, Children, Family, Parents, Siblings, Marriages
📸 Photo: Plant Based News – Leonardo DiCaprio Ex Wifes, Ex Partners, Children, Family, Parents, Siblings, Marriages

Leonardo DiCaprio Ex Wifes, Ex Partners

  • Gisele Bündchen
  • Bar Refaeli
  • Blake Lively
  • Naomi Campbell
  • Camila Morrone

Leonardo DiCaprio has been involved in high-profile relationships; he has never been married. Throughout his career, he has been romantically linked to several actresses and top models, such as Gisele Bündchen, Bar Refaeli, Blake Lively, Naomi Campbell, and his current girlfriend, Camila Morrone.

Despite his romantic involvements, Leonardo DiCaprio does not have any children. When Leonardo was just two years old, his parents separated, and he was primarily raised by his mother. Despite the challenges he faced, Leonardo managed to build a highly successful career in Hollywood, earning widespread recognition and becoming a household name.

Notably, he is not only dedicated to his acting achievements but also passionate about environmental causes. Leonardo actively supports initiatives aimed at addressing climate change and preserving our planet.

His Relationship with Gisele Bündchen

Leonardo DiCaprio and Gisele Bündchen had a significant relationship that lasted nearly five years during the early 2000s. However, their relationship had its ups and downs, leading to their final split in 2005.

In a revealing interview, Gisele Bündchen shared that she ended things with Leonardo DiCaprio because he was resistant to change.

She expressed feeling isolated as she embarked on a journey of self-discovery while DiCaprio remained unchanged. Despite their breakup, Bündchen admitted to still loving DiCaprio but acknowledged that they were not meant to be in a romantic relationship.

His Relationship with Bar Refaeli

Leonardo DiCaprio and Bar Refaeli had an on-and-off relationship that spanned several years. They first started dating in 2006 and had a brief split in 2009 before rekindling their romance from 2010 to 2011.

During their time together, the couple was frequently seen together, attending events like a basketball game in 2010. However, their relationship ultimately came to an end in 2011.

The exact reason for their breakup remains unclear, but it is speculated that their busy schedules and the challenges of maintaining a long-distance relationship may have contributed. Despite their separation, Bar Refaeli has spoken positively about their bond, emphasizing that they remain good friends.

His Relationship with Blake Lively

Blake Lively and Leonardo DiCaprio had a relatively short-lived relationship that lasted around five months in 2011. They were spotted together on a yacht in Cannes and had a cute tradition of exchanging photos of a Flat Stanley-style doll.

However, their romantic involvement ended on friendly terms, and they remained friends. According to sources, it is believed that Blake Lively ended the relationship because Leonardo DiCaprio expressed a desire to start a family while they were not on the same page.

His Relationship with Naomi Campbell

In the mid-1990s, Leonardo DiCaprio and Naomi Campbell reportedly had a brief fling. However, their romantic involvement quickly faded away, and they transitioned into a lasting friendship that has endured for over two decades.

Naomi Campbell, a British model, actress, and businesswoman, is known for her connections to various high-profile individuals, including billionaire businessmen and musicians.

Despite their short-lived romance, Leonardo DiCaprio and Naomi Campbell have maintained a strong friendship throughout the years.

Meet His New Partner, Camila Morrone

Since 2017, Leonardo DiCaprio has been romantically involved with Camila Morrone, a model and actress of Argentine-American descent. Their relationship first gained attention when they were seen together at a Barney’s store in December 2017.

Over the years, they have been spotted attending various public events as a couple, including the famous Coachella music festival in 2019. Despite their significant age difference of 23 years, their bond seems to be strong and enduring.

Camila Morrone Biography

Camila Morrone, born on June 16, 1997, in Los Angeles, California, is an American model and actress. She comes from a family with a background in acting, as her parents are Argentine actors named Lucila Solá and Máximo Morrone.

Her mother, Lucila Solá, was previously a model and had a relationship with renowned actor Al Pacino, who is now Camila’s stepfather. Camila Morrone began her modeling career and gained recognition by gracing the cover of Vogue Turkey in 2016.

She made her debut on the runway for Moschino’s 2017 resort collection and has also worked with notable brands like Victoria’s Secret, LOVE, and Sephora. In terms of acting, Camila Morrone made her first appearance in James Franco’s film “Bukowski” in 2013, showcasing her talent to a wider audience.

She went on to star in movies such as “Death Wish” and “Never Goin’ Back,” both of which premiered at the Sundance Film Festival in January 2018.

With a substantial following on Instagram, exceeding a million followers, Camila Morrone continues to expand her presence in the entertainment industry. Throughout it all, she remains in a committed relationship with Leonardo DiCaprio, which began in 2017.

Leonardo DiCaprio Children

Leonardo DiCaprio, the renowned actor and environmentalist, does not have any children. In a 2016 Rolling Stone interview, he expressed that having children was not a priority for him, but he remains open to the possibility in the future.

Despite not having biological children, DiCaprio has been involved in supporting a child from South Africa through financial contributions. Additionally, it’s worth noting that he has never been married.

Leonardo DiCaprio Parents, Siblings

Leonardo DiCaprio, the only child of George DiCaprio and Irmelin Indenbirken (also known as Irmelin DiCaprio), grew up in a family of two. His mother worked as a legal secretary, while his father was involved in the world of comic books as an underground comix writer, publisher, and distributor.

George and Irmelin met during their college years and eventually settled in Los Angeles after completing their education. However, when Leonardo was just one year old, his parents’ relationship encountered difficulties.

His father, George, fell in love with another woman named Peggy Ann Farrar, which led to their separation. George went on to start a new life with Peggy and her son, Adam Farrar, whom Leonardo later developed a close relationship with.

Siblings, Brother, Sister

As for Leonardo DiCaprio, he does not have any biological siblings of his own. He grew up as the only child in his family, with his parents’ separation shaping his early years.

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