The Remarkable Life of Lizzy Johnson Suleman – A Comprehensive Biography

Lizzy Johnson Suleman Biography

Reverend Dr. Lizzy Johnson Suleman, a multifaceted Nigerian personality, was born on February 28th. She is celebrated as a preacher, gospel singer, lecturer, teacher, Christian author, philanthropist, and the devoted wife of Nigerian pastor Apostle Johnson Suleman.

Age and Date of Birth

Dr. Lizzy Johnson Suleman was born on February 28 in Kano State, Northern Nigeria.

State of Origin and Tribe

She hails from Kano State, and her roots are deeply embedded in the culture of Northern Nigeria.


As a devout Christian, her life is profoundly influenced by her unwavering faith and commitment to Christian values.

Personal Life

Lizzy Johnson Suleman Biography, NEt Worth, State of Origin, Husband, Children, Education Background, Parents & Family – @DrLizzySuleman

Meet Her Husband and Children

In 2004, Dr. Lizzy Suleman married Apostle (Prof) Johnson Suleman, the Senior Pastor of Omega Fire Ministry International. Together, they have embarked on a remarkable journey, touching countless lives through their ministry.

Meet Her Father and Mother

Dr. Lizzy Johnson Suleman was born into the Christian family of Mr. & Mrs. Abinya in Kano State, where she spent her formative years.

Siblings: Meet Her Brother and Sister

While not much is publicly known about her siblings, it’s evident that she was raised within a loving family environment.

Education Background

Lizzy Johnson Suleman’s educational journey has been marked by dedication and continuous learning. She completed her primary and secondary education and then pursued a diploma in Mass Communication at Auchi Polytechnic, Edo State.

Her academic pursuits further led to an award of Teacher’s certification in Grade II in 2006, a P.E.C. in Public Administration in 2010, and an Associate membership with the Chartered Institute of Local Government & Public Administration of Nigeria.

In recognition of her contributions to religious studies, she was honored with a Doctorate Honorary Degree from Bethel University, Benin City.


Dr. Lizzy Johnson Suleman’s career is as diverse as her talents. She is a preacher, gospel singer, lecturer, teacher, Christian author, philanthropist, marriage counselor, Hosanna Conglomerate Director, and Editor and Supervisor of Celebration TV.

Her involvement with Omega Bible Institute, a ministry bible school, showcases her commitment to biblical education.

She plays a vital role in rural missions, evangelism, and the study of God’s word, and she often conducts marriage seminars, particularly for singles, with a focus on preparing individuals for godly marriages.

Net Worth

As a famous preacher, gospel singer, and author, Dr. Lizzy Johnson Suleman’s estimated net worth is $1 million.

In Conclusion

The life of Dr. Lizzy Johnson Suleman is a testament to the power of faith and dedication. Her journey from Kano State to becoming a respected preacher, author, and philanthropist serves as an inspiration to many.

With her unwavering commitment to her faith and her remarkable contributions to society, she continues to make a positive impact on the world.

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