Margaret Obi is a Nigerian woman who has done great things in her life. She is an entrepreneur, which means she starts and runs her own businesses. She is also a philanthropist, which means she likes to help people who need it.

Margaret used to be the First Lady of Anambra State, which is a state in Nigeria. She is currently at the age of 48 years old. Margaret was born with the last name Usern, but she later got married and changed her last name to Obi. She went to school and learned a lot.

Margaret Obi Biography and Net Worth, Education, Occupation, Parents, Background, Children

Margaret has a family, and she loves them very much. She has achieved many things in her life, including starting her own businesses and helping many people through her philanthropy work. Let’s read more about her biography below.

Early Life and Education

Margaret Obi was born in Nigeria on September 9th, 1974, and grew up with her parents and siblings. She went to school in Nigeria and received higher education qualifications, but we don’t have any details about her early education.

Family Life

Margaret Obi is the wife of Peter Gregory Obi, a former Governor of Anambra State and a former Presidential candidate of the Labour Party in Nigeria. They got married in 1992 and have two children named Gabriella Nwamaka Frances and Gregory Oseloka. [1]

Career and Achievements

Margaret Obi is known for her charitable work and her advocacy for human rights. She established various organizations and programs to support women in Anambra State.

During her time as First Lady, she founded a family court to address issues related to child abuse and women’s rights violations, particularly widows’ rights to inherit their husband’s property.

Margaret Obi also supported the National Gender Affirmative Action, which aimed to ensure that women had a voice in government during her husband’s tenure as Governor of Anambra State. She encouraged women to participate in politics and take on leadership positions.

Net Worth

We don’t know the exact amount of money Margaret Obi has, but it’s estimated to be between $500,000 and $1,000,000. She doesn’t have any official social media accounts and doesn’t use any social media platforms.

Margaret Obi Biography and Net Worth

In Conclusion

Margaret Obi is a philanthropist and human rights activist who served as the First Lady of Anambra State. She created programs to support women’s rights and encourage them to become leaders. Her efforts have had a positive impact on many people’s lives in Anambra State and beyond.

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