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A tragic incident occurred on New Year’s Day involving Mike Avery, a 35-year-old man from Syracuse.

He was the driver of a vehicle that caused a fiery crash outside the Kodak Center in Rochester, New York, resulting in the death of two people and injuries to several others. The crash is suspected to be intentional, although the exact motive remains unknown.

Rochester Police Chief David Smith mentioned that there is no evidence of an ideology or a connection to terrorism. He indicated that Avery might have been dealing with undiagnosed mental health issues.

Avery passed away on the night of the incident. The FBI and other agencies are actively involved in the investigation, and as of now, no other individuals have been identified in connection with the incident.

Avery’s family members have chosen not to comment, and the police are urging anyone with information about Avery to come forward.

Introduction to Mike Avery Biography

Mike Avery, born on September 19, 1968, in San Jose, California, is a prominent figure in American soccer. Beginning his journey at Westmont College, he excelled as a player before venturing into professional soccer, showcasing his skills in clubs across the United States and Sweden.

Transitioning to coaching, Avery started as an assistant coach at his alma mater and later assumed head coaching roles at various institutions.

Notably, he spent 13 years as the head coach at Valparaiso University, achieving the title of the all-time winningest coach in Crusader history.

In 2020, Avery made history by becoming the inaugural head coach of Fort Wayne FC. He also took on administrative responsibilities, serving as the athletic director at Calumet College of St. Joseph.

Avery’s career is marked by significant contributions to soccer, both as a player and a coach. His statistics and honors underscore his impact on the sport, reflecting a remarkable journey from player to coach and administrator.


Mike Avery, born on September 19, 1968, is a respected figure in American sports. At 55 years old in 2024, he calls San Jose, California, home. Mike has had a noteworthy career as an athletic director, soccer coach, and former player, leaving a lasting impact on the sports world.

This biographical blog post explores various aspects of Mike Avery’s life, tracing his journey from early days in San Jose to his current position as the head coach and sporting director of Fort Wayne FC, a USL League Two club.

His dedication to soccer is evident, defining not only his career but also highlighting his commitment to the sport. As a midfielder and forward, he has become a prominent figure in the soccer community.

Early Life and Education

Mike Avery’s soccer journey began in his youth, playing for Las Pulgas from 1972 onwards. His passion for the sport led him to Westmont College, where he earned a BA degree.

During his time with the Westmont Warriors from 1986 to 1989, the team clinched four Golden State Athletic Conference titles, demonstrating Avery’s early prowess on the field. He further honed his skills at Midwestern State University, obtaining an MS degree.


Avery, born on September 19, 1968, in San Jose, California, kicked off his soccer journey at the age of four with Las Pulgas, his neighborhood team. His collegiate years at Westmont College from 1986 to 1989 saw the Warriors making waves in the NAIA national tournament.

Avery’s standout performances earned him accolades, including being named Honorable Mention All-American. After graduating, he ventured into professional soccer, starting with Real Santa Barbara in the American Professional Soccer League.

Avery’s career took him to Sweden with Askims IK and later to the Premier Development League with Indiana Invaders, where he also took on coaching responsibilities.

Avery’s coaching journey began at his alma mater, Westmont, and included a stint in Sweden. He then pursued a master’s degree in kinesiology at Midwestern State University while coaching the men’s soccer team.

His early head coaching position came in 1994 at Bethel College in Indiana, where he achieved notable success. Avery later took on roles as the director of soccer at California State University, San Bernardino, and assistant coaching positions at the University of Notre Dame and the University of Louisville.

In 2007, Avery assumed the role of head coach at Valparaiso University, leading the Crusaders to significant accomplishments, including the 2011 Horizon League regular season title. His tenure at Valpo featured milestones such as the team’s first-ever top-25 national ranking.

In 2019, the men’s soccer program at Valparaiso University was discontinued, marking the end of Avery’s successful 13-season stint with 91 wins.

In 2020, Avery took on a new challenge as the head coach of Fort Wayne FC in the National Premier Soccer League, later transitioning to USL League Two in 2021.

Avery’s extensive journey in soccer encompasses playing, coaching, and achieving milestones that have left a lasting impact on the teams and players he’s been associated with.

Mike Avery Net Worth (as of 2024)

As of 2024, Mike Avery boasts a net worth ranging between $1 million and $5 million, a testament to his successful sports career. His contributions to the soccer world, both as a player and coach, have solidified his financial standing.

Personal Life

Marriage and Family

In his personal life, Avery is happily married to Carin, who serves as the head volleyball coach at Valparaiso.

The couple, who met in 1996 at Bethel, shares a beautiful family with two sons: Alex and Kasongo, the latter being adopted from Africa.

This insight into Avery’s personal life adds a human touch to the narrative, showcasing the man behind the coach.

Parents and Siblings

Tragically, Mike Avery has faced the loss of his parents, Virgil Avery and Lois Hudson, along with his sister Tammy Comstock. Despite these challenges, Avery’s resilience and commitment to his career have been unwavering.

In conclusion

Mike Avery’s journey from a young soccer enthusiast in San Jose to a revered figure in the coaching realm is a tale of dedication, success, and personal resilience.

As we navigate through the chapters of his life, it becomes evident that his influence extends beyond the soccer field, leaving an enduring legacy in the hearts of those he has coached and inspired.

Mike Avery Biography, Net Worth, Age, Parents, Siblings, Family, Spouse, Kids, Relationship

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