Phil Robertson Family: Phil Robertson Wife, Daughter, Children, Married, Residence

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Meet Phil Robertson Family: Wife, Daughter, Children, Married, Residence – Phil gained fame through the popular show Duck Dynasty, which follows his life and family. He is also associated with Duck Commander, his hunting company featured on the Outdoor Channel.

Biography of Phil Robertson

Phil Alexander Robertson, born on April 24, 1946, is a 77-year-old American professional hunter, businessman, and reality TV star. Educated at Louisiana Tech University, Robertson was active in football during his time there.

He later pursued education, earning a master’s degree and spending several years as a teacher. Hailing from Vivian, Louisiana, Robertson was one of seven siblings born to Merritt and James Robertson.

His upbringing was marked by financial difficulties, leading to a rustic lifestyle without modern amenities. The family sustained themselves by cultivating a garden and hunting animals for food, living contentedly despite the challenges.

Robertson faced controversy in 2013 after expressing his views on homosexuality in an interview with GQ magazine. His comments led to a temporary suspension from Duck Dynasty by A&E, although this decision was overturned after nine days due to strong support from his followers.

Robertson’s early life is detailed in his book, Happy, Happy, Happy, where he reflects on growing up in modest conditions during the 1950s. His birthplace, a restored log cabin, is located between Vivian and Hosston and is owned by his cousin, Nathan Hale.

Phil Robertson Family

Phil Robertson, known for his role in the reality TV show “Duck Dynasty,” has shared a strong and enduring marriage with his wife, Kay Robertson, for over fifty years. Their partnership has yielded four grown sons: Al, Jase, Willie, and Jep.

In a candid moment on his podcast in May 2020, Phil Robertson openly discussed a past extramarital affair that took place in the 1970s. This revelation unveiled the existence of an adult daughter named Phyllis, resulting from the affair.

At present, Phyllis is 45 years old and has become an unexpected addition to the Robertson family. The podcast episode marked a significant turning point for Phil’s four sons, who were also present and learned about their newfound half-sister, Phyllis, during this impactful podcast session.

Phil Robertson Family: Phil Robertson Wife, Daughter, Children, Married, Residence
📸 Photo: Cinemablend – Meet Phil Robertson Family

Meet His Wife

His wife, Kay Robertson, commonly known as Miss Kay, is a familiar face on American television. She gained recognition through her appearances on the reality show “Duck Dynasty,” broadcasted on A&E.

Born as Marsha Kay Carroway on December 21, 1947, in West Monroe, Louisiana, United States, Miss Kay has made a name for herself in the entertainment industry.

Married to entrepreneur and fellow “Duck Dynasty” star Phil Robertson, Miss Kay’s enduring marriage with Phil has been a constant since 1966. Together, they have nurtured four grown sons named Al, Jase, Willie, and Jep, forming a close-knit family.

Miss Kay’s culinary talents are well-regarded, and she has passionately shared her love for cooking in her cookbook titled “Miss Kay’s Duck Commander Kitchen: Faith, Family, and Food–Bringing Our Home to Your Table.” This book offers a glimpse into her culinary world and the values she holds dear.

A significant moment occurred during a podcast episode in May 2020 when Phil Robertson revealed details about a past extramarital affair from the 1970s. This revelation led to the discovery of an adult daughter from that relationship.

Miss Kay was part of this heartfelt podcast conversation, openly expressing her feelings about the situation. Expanding her horizons, Miss Kay joined forces with Lisa, Al’s wife, to co-author a book titled “Sister Roar.”

This book delves into the untold story of Phil Robertson’s previously undisclosed daughter, shedding light on a lesser-known chapter within the Robertson family narrative.


  1. Al Robertson
  2. Jase Robertson
  3. Willie Robertson
  4. Jep Robertson
  5. Phyllis Robertson (daughter from an extramarital affair)

Phil Robertson, famous for his appearance on the reality TV show “Duck Dynasty,” has five children – four sons and a daughter born from an extramarital affair. Al, Jase, Willie, and Jep Robertson, his sons, also featured on the show alongside their parents.

During a podcast in May 2020, Phil Robertson shared about a past extramarital relationship in the 1970s. He recently discovered his adult daughter, Phyllis, now 45 years old, from that affair.

This revelation added a new chapter to their family’s story. Nevertheless, Phil Robertson’s sons remain active on the show, continuing to share their family’s unique experiences with their audience.

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