What Happened to Premier Hotel Ibadan, Why Did They Shut It Down

What Happened to Premier Hotel Ibadan, Why Did They Shut It Down

Hundreds of people who worked at the Premier Hotel in Ibadan, the capital of Oyo State, have been sacked for few reasons. Premier Hotel Ibadan is owned by Western Hotels Limited.


It’s the subsidiary of, Odu’a Heritage Company. Our reporter has heard that the now-closed Premier Hotel was built by the now-defunct Western Region government.

What Happened to Premier Hotel Ibadan, Why Did They Shut It Down

Premier Hotel Ibadan Shut Down

The hotel is owned by Western Hotels Limited, which is a branch of the now-defunct Odu’a Investment Company Limited, which was part of the Western Region government.

When one of our reporters went by Mokola hill, the hotel was empty. When asked, Adewale Raji, who is the Group Managing Director of Odu’a Investment Company Limited, confirmed the news. [1]


He also said that the employees who were hurt had been paid. He insisted that the hotel’s bosses cared about the safety of the workers. On the other hand, he denied that the hotel had been sold, as had been said.

Why Did They Shut It Down

“In line with our plans to make our hotels world-class, we are renovating Premier Hotel and upgrading its facilities to make it a five-star hotel, working with a global brand chosen by the board with the help of KPMG and shareholder approval,” Raji said.

“We want to add more rooms and halls that can hold more people. We had to let the workers go because we worried about their health and safety. All of them had to be paid off.” more details coming soon.


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