Prophet Olowere Biography, Net Worth, Date of Birth, State of Origin, Wife, Children, Tribe, Death

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Prophet M.O. Olowere is a highly esteemed minister of the gospel within the Christ Apostolic Church (CAC). With a ministry that spans over six decades, he has played a pivotal role in establishing numerous churches under the CAC mission.

One of his significant contributions was the founding of CAC Oke-Imole in Agbowo in 1978.

A Farewell to Baba Olowere

Recently, the news of the passing of renowned evangelist and founder of Christ Apostolic Church, Oke-Agbara, Asi Bodija, Prophet Michael Ojo Olowere, popularly known as Baba Olowere, has deeply saddened many.

He passed away on Wednesday due to old age-related illness at his residence in Asi, Ibadan.

Early Life and Anointed Ministry

Prophet Michael Ojo Olowere, born on the 9th of September, is a deeply revered preacher, teacher, and gospel evangelist. He carries a unique anointing for signs and wonders and is known as Baba Olowere.

As one of the highly respected ministers of the CAC, he is considered a strange prophet of God, having received a great measure of the anointing from the esteemed Apostle Joseph Ayodele Babalola.

A Journey of Planting Churches

Throughout his ministry journey, spanning over six decades, Prophet Michael Olowere has been instrumental in establishing several churches within the Christ Apostolic Church mission.

His first endeavor began with the planting of CAC Oke-Imole in Agbowo in 1978. Currently, he leads his church in Ibadan, Nigeria.

Miracles and Encounters

The life of Baba Olowere is filled with stories of miracles and divine encounters. One notable account was shared by Apostle Femi Lazarus, who attended a vigil at Prophet Olowere’s church in Ibadan.

During the gathering, a powerful fog filled the congregation, indicating the presence of someone carrying the ancient mantle.

It was none other than Baba Olowere himself, who delivered prophecies about the last days revival and a vision of rain pouring down, filling everyone with the power of the Holy Ghost.

Unwavering Faith and Humility

Prophet A.T. Joel also shared a story about Baba Olowere’s unyielding faith. Known as Baba Automatic, he does not accept “NO” for an answer and persists in seeking God until he hears Him clearly.

His humility is remarkable, despite the great exploits performed through him. Baba Olowere’s actions and character inspire awe and respect, reflecting the power of humility that marked the men of God in ancient times.

Exemplifying Humility and Success

There is another intriguing story about Baba Olowere where he encountered policemen on his way to a crusade in Osogbo, Osun State. Despite providing all the necessary documents, the policemen prevented him from proceeding.

In response, Baba Olowere took off one of his shoes and threw it into the bush, instructing the policemen to search for it until he returned from the program. The obedient policemen delved into the bush while Baba Olowere continued with his mission.

When he returned the next day, he called out, and the policemen emerged, fighting over who would present the shoe to him. Baba Olowere blessed them and advised them never to harass a man of God again. This story highlights the power of humility and its ability to command respect.

The Secret of a Successful Ministry

Baba Olowere often emphasizes the significance of humility in ministry. He encourages aspiring ministers to be humble and patient, as success in the ministry requires endurance and perseverance.

He emphasizes the need for humility, which births the power of God, citing the biblical wisdom that calls for humility in fulfilling one’s divine purpose.

Contributions and Legacy

Prophet M.O. Olowere’s contributions to the expansion of the Christ Apostolic Church are immense. His efforts include establishing church assemblies, theological institutes, health centers, and socio-economic empowerment programs.

His leadership resulted in the establishment of 48 church assemblies in Ibadan and the introduction of the “Automatic Prayer” program, which attracts over 35,000 attendees.

Furthermore, he actively promoted ecumenism, theological education, gender equality in ministry, and infrastructural development. Despite educational constraints and financial limitations, Prophet Olowere’s dedication and commitment have left a lasting impact on the CAC and the lives of many.

The Life and Education of Prophet M.O. Olowere

Prophet M.O. Olowere, the third son of Chief Dada Olowere and Mrs. Alice Olowere, was born in Ilesa. While there are no written records of his birth, it is believed that his birth coincided with the 1930 revival in Oke-Ooye, Ilesa.

His parents followed a syncretic religious belief, combining Christianity with elements of African Traditional Religion. His father exposed him to both practices, leading to a mixture of beliefs and practices in his early years.

Early Challenges and Informal Education

Prophet Olowere faced challenges in his early life, particularly with access to formal education. After his father’s death, he lived with his uncle, who couldn’t provide him with formal schooling.

However, he developed the ability to read the Yoruba Bible and write in Yoruba through informal means. He attributes his knowledge of the Bible to divine revelation, as God directed him to read and guided him to specific passages.

From Trade to Ministry

During his early years, Prophet Olowere engaged in various trades and professions. He worked with cocoa scales, repaired iron and metal products, and mastered the art of bricklaying. Despite his skill and success in these trades, the call to ministry persisted.

He eventually responded to the call and joined the CAC church in Kano, despite initial opposition. Over time, he served in different CAC churches, gaining experience and becoming an evangelist.

Theological Training and Ordination

Prophet Olowere pursued theological education for two years, deepening his understanding of the ministry. Although he had already been in ministry before his formal training, he was ordained as a cleric on December 14, 1975.

The CAC Oke-Imole in Agbowo became the first church he planted, marking the beginning of a fruitful journey of church establishment.

The Impact of Prophet Olowere’s Ministry

Prophet Olowere’s ministry has left a significant impact on the Christ Apostolic Church and the community. His contributions range from establishing church assemblies and theological institutes to healthcare centers and socio-economic empowerment initiatives.

He also promoted ecumenism, gender equality in ministry, and infrastructural development, constructing guest houses, a police post, and roads. His dedication and leadership have inspired and empowered many individuals, despite limited resources and educational constraints.

Endurance and Perseverance in Ministry

Even in his eighties, Prophet Olowere continues to demonstrate unwavering dedication to his ministry. He emphasizes the importance of fasting, prayer, and discipline in the life of a Christian and a cleric. He encourages patience, humility, and a willingness to wait for God’s appointed time.

Prophet Olowere’s own life exemplifies these qualities, as he has persevered through challenges, remained faithful to his calling, and relied on God’s grace and strength.

Prophet Olowere Biography, Net Worth, Date of Birth, State of Origin, Wife, Children, Tribe, Death
📸 Photo: NaijNaira – Prophet Olowere Biography

Meet His Wife

Prophet Olowere’s marital journey is a testament to divine leading. Through multiple revelations and dreams, he received confirmation from God that a particular woman would be his wife. Despite his initial hesitation, he approached her and expressed his interest in marriage.

To his surprise, her mother had also received a revelation about their union. This divine confirmation sealed their relationship, and they eventually married, supported by the blessings of her brother, who is also a cleric.

The Legacy of Prophet M.O. Olowere

Prophet M.O. Olowere’s legacy extends beyond his lifetime. His commitment to ministry, passion for the gospel, and humble character have inspired many.

His contributions to the Christ Apostolic Church, his establishment of churches, and his dedication to education, healthcare, and socio-economic development have shaped the lives of countless individuals.

As others reflect on his life, they are encouraged to embrace humility, endurance, and a deep faith in God’s leading. Prophet Olowere’s legacy serves as a beacon of light for future generations of ministers and believers.

What Is the Full Name of Prophet M.O. Olowere?

Prophet M.O. Olowere’s full name is Michael Ojo Olowere.

What Is the Age of Prophet M.O. Olowere?

Unfortunately, the information about Prophet M.O. Olowere’s current age is unavailable.

When Was Prophet M.O. Olowere Born?

Prophet M.O. Olowere’s date of birth is September 9th, but the exact year is not specified.

Where Was Prophet M.O. Olowere Born?

Prophet M.O. Olowere was born in Ilesa, a town in Nigeria.

What Is the State of Origin of Prophet M.O. Olowere?

Prophet M.O. Olowere’s state of origin is Ekiti State, Nigeria.

Which Tribe Does Prophet M.O. Olowere Belong To?

Prophet M.O. Olowere belongs to the Yoruba tribe, which is one of the major ethnic groups in Nigeria.

What Is the Religion of Prophet M.O. Olowere?

Prophet M.O. Olowere is a devoted Christian and a respected minister of the gospel in the Christ Apostolic Church (CAC).

Does Prophet M.O. Olowere Have a Wife?

Yes, Prophet M.O. Olowere is married, but specific details about his wife are unavailable.

Does Prophet M.O. Olowere Have Children?

Information about whether Prophet M.O. Olowere has children is not provided.

Who Are Prophet M.O. Olowere’s Parents?

Prophet M.O. Olowere’s father’s name is Chief Dada Olowere, but information about his mother is not mentioned.

Does Prophet M.O. Olowere Have Siblings?

Yes, Prophet M.O. Olowere has siblings. Some of his known siblings include Mr. Oke Ogunsakin, Mr. Adebisi Dada, and Mr. John Adeyemi Olowere.

What Is Prophet M.O. Olowere’s Net Worth?

Unfortunately, information regarding Prophet M.O. Olowere’s net worth is not available.

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