Saint Von Colucci was a Canadian-Portuguese actor and singer who passed away at the age of 22 due to complications from plastic surgeries in South Korea. Although his career was short, he made a name for himself in the entertainment industry.

Saint’s memory will live on through his work and his impact on the industry. He was a young, talented actor and singer who will be missed by his fans and peers.  Let’s check out his full Wikipedia biodata, biography and net worth below.

Early Life | Career

Saint Von Colucci was born in Quebec, Canada in 2001. He grew up in various countries due to his parents’ jobs, which helped him become fluent in five languages including English, Portuguese, Spanish, French, and Korean.

Saint had a passion for the entertainment industry from a young age. He started acting and modeling in Canada in 2015 and impressed industry insiders. Later, he moved to South Korea two years ago to become a trainee, writing and producing songs for other artists in KPOP.

Saint Von Colucci Biography, Wikipedia, Net Worth, Family, Parents, Nationality, Ethnicity, Girlfriend

Plastic Surgeries | Death

Saint Von Colucci underwent 12 plastic surgeries in a few months in South Korea because he was insecure about his appearance. He spent over USD 200k on the surgeries to look like Jimin, a popular Korean singer from BTS, for an upcoming Korean drama. [1]

The surgeries included jaw surgery, eye lift, buccal fat removal, lip reduction, and a facelift. However, these surgeries caused complications, and Saint passed away on April 23, 2023, at Seoul’s National Hospital.


Saint Von Colucci was a talented actor, singer, and songwriter signed to City Boys Money, who passed away tragically due to complications from plastic surgeries. Despite his short career, he made a significant impact in the entertainment industry.

Many people, including his fans and industry peers, have expressed their condolences on social media, remembering him as a kind and passionate person with a bright future ahead of him. Although he’s gone, his legacy lives on through his work and the memories he left behind.

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