G-Kala Agent: How to Become G-Kala Master Agent, Normal Agent, Criteria, Procedures and Requirements

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Double your stream of income and earn more as G-kala agent, let’s work you through and show you how to apply, the criteria, procedures and requirements for you to be an agent.

MoneyMaster PSB (G-Kala) is accessible for small businesses to use as a pervasive agent outlet. By working as an agent, you have the opportunity to earn commission through both the registration and transactions of your customers. The recruitment and management of all agents will be handled by the master agents.

Benefit of Becoming G-Kala Agent

Before we go into the procedures, criteria and requirements to be an agent, let’s read the benefit of becoming an agent on G-Kala. Few of the benefiting of becoming an agent are:

  1. You have more ways to serve your customers.
  2. Attractive commissions.
  3. Full control.
  4. No POS device required.

Let’s briefly explain the listed benefit above. As a G-Kala master agent, you get paid for transactions & registrations. Over 30% monthly return on investment. You get a Free G-Kala outlet branding. Enjoy an Agent system that gives you 100% control and security for your business and a simple phone is all you need, no need of POS.

How to Become G-Kala Master Agent, Normal Agent, Criteria, Procedures and Requirements

What Is Master Agent?

This dealership serves as the primary location for businesses that are able to hire and oversee agents working under them. Earn more, by managing agents.

Opportunity to recruit and oversee other agents. Earn high commission for sales and registrations. No need for POS equipment, all transactions can be made using your mobile phone.

Criteria to Register as G-Kala Master Agent

  • Certificate of Incorporation/ Registration Certificate
  • CO2 (Share Allotment Form)- if applicable
  • CO7 (Share Allotment Form)- if applicable
  • Furnished Office
  • Computer, Printer & Internet Connection
  • Dedicated Handset for Head office and for each Store

Requirements to Become G-Kala Master Agent

  • G-Kala PSB agent contract
  • Agent assessment form
  • Identification document for each Director/ Owner (National ID / Passport)
  • 2 Identification documents for supervisor (National ID / Passport) – if different from the Director/ owner
  • Business plan
  • Agent outlet application form (for each store)
  • Passport Photograph for each Director/ Owner
  • Passport Photograph for Supervisor – if different from the Director/ owner

Normal Agen Criteria

  • ₦ 400K per outlet​
  • Outlet application
  • Dedicated handset for G-Kala float
  • Identification Document
  • Passport photo of owner and cashier
  • Business permit

Required Documents

  • National Identity Number (NIN)
  • Voter’s Card
  • Valid Driver’s license
  • Valid Passport

G-Kala Vision

To be the top provider of innovative digital financial products and services that improve people’s lives and help them live more sustainably.

G-Kala Mission

To build the biggest, most reliable, and widest-spread digital financial service touchpoints so that more people can get financial services.

G-Kala Licensed Date

MoneyMaster Payment Service Bank Limited or G-Kala was set up as a Private Limited Liability Company on September 27, 2019, and was given a license by the Central Bank of Nigeria to be a Digital Bank that provides services for financial inclusion.

They offer the following products and services in their business of digital financial payments and acceptance solutions: Digital bank account, Mobile wallet, Merchant payments, Business solutions, and Advisory.


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