Gthree Mayami Biography, Early Life, Career and Net Worth

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Gthree Mayami: The Southern Afrobeat Sensation and Multi-Talented Entrepreneur – When it comes to Afrobeat music from the Southern part of Nigeria, Okeke Frank Ndubuisi, also known as Gthree Mayami, stands out as one of the top frontiers in the industry.

Beyond his musical prowess, he is a singer, songwriter, entertainer, businessman, and marine engineer. In this comprehensive biography, we will explore his early life, career, net worth, and more intriguing details that make him a rising star in the Nigerian music scene.

Gthree Mayami Wikipedia Profile

Real Name: Okeke Frank Ndubuisi
Date of Birth: November 26, 1996
Age: 26 years old (as of June 2023)
Place of Birth: Port Harcourt, Nigeria
State of Origin: Arochukwu, Abia State, Nigeria
Nationality: Nigerian
Profession: Singer, Songwriter, Entertainer, Businessman, Marine Engineer
High School: Hope Waddel Training Institution, Calabar, Rivers State
University: Rivers State University (Degree in Marine Engineering)
Music Genre: Afrobeat
Business Ventures: Oil and Gas, Forex Trading
Net Worth: $200k (In Est.)
Social Media Handles:
  • Facebook: Gthree Mayami
  • Twitter: @GTHREEMAYAMI_
  • Instagram: @Gthree_Mayami

Gthree Mayami Biography

Gthree Mayami was born on November 26, 1996, in Port Harcourt, Nigeria. Growing up in the vibrant city of Port Harcourt, he quickly earned the famous nickname “GTHREE OF PORT HARCOURT” and “Son of Yahweh.” Although, he is originally from Arochukwu, the famous Local Government Area of Abia state.

His upbringing was marked by legal hurdles and extensive business training from his parents, which laid a strong foundation for his entrepreneurial spirit. He is known for being open-minded and detribalized, embracing individuals who are serious and driven by financial success.

Educational Background

Gthree Mayami pursued his education in Calabar, the capital city of Cross River state, which shares a border with Cameroon. This shift exposed him to a diverse culture and allowed him to interact with the Ejagham, Efut, and Efik people, fostering personal growth.

He completed his high school education at Hope Waddel Training Institution, gaining early exposure beyond his home state of Abia.

Inspired by his passion for engineering, Gthree Mayami secured admission to study Marine Engineering at the prestigious Rivers State University, where he later became a notable alumnus.

Gthree Mayami Biography, Early Life, Career and Net Worth
📸 Photo: Whoiswriter – Gthree Mayami Biography, Early Life, Career and Net Worth

Music Career

Gthree Mayami’s journey into the world of music began with a burning desire to make a mark as an artist. Renowned for his versatility, he is not only a talented singer but also a skilled songwriter and music producer.

With an extensive collection of songs, he has earned recognition for hits such as “Me and My Guys,” “Shima,” “Alert,” “Gratitude,” and “Motivate.” He draws inspiration from various artists like 1Da Banton, Tekno, Akon, Erigga, Davido, and Justin Bieber.

In fact, his dream collaboration includes working with the international sensations Justin Bieber and Davido. Additionally, it is worth noting that Gthree Mayami has expressed a strong admiration for the talented Sheyi Shay.

Business Ventures and Net Worth

While Gthree Mayami continues to captivate audiences with his music, he has also ventured into other lucrative fields. With a background in a “Hustle family” and a deep understanding of the oil and gas industry, he actively engages in oil and gas as well as forex trading.

These endeavors have contributed significantly to his impressive net worth, which currently stands at around $200,000. His relentless pursuit of success and determination to elevate his financial standing make him an aspiring figure in the world of entrepreneurship.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Real Name of Gthree Mayami?

His real name is Okeke Frank Ndubuisi.

When Was Gthree Mayami Born?

Mayami was born on November 26, 1996.

How Old Is Gthree Mayami?

As of June 2023, the Nigerian singer, Gthree is 26 years old.

Where Was Gthree Mayami Born?

The Nigerian singer was born in Port Harcourt, Nigeria.

Which State Is Gthree Mayami Originally From?

He is originally from Arochukwu, Abia State, Nigeria.

What Tribe Does Gthree Mayami Belong To?

His tribe is not specified in the available information.

What Is Gthree Mayami’s Educational Background?

He completed his high school education at Hope Waddel Training Institution in Calabar, Rivers State. He later pursued a degree in Marine Engineering at Rivers State University.

What Is Gthree Mayami’s Net Worth?

His net worth is approximately $200,000.

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In Conclusion:

Gthree Mayami, the multi-talented Nigerian singer, songwriter, entertainer, businessman, and marine engineer, has carved a niche for himself in the Afrobeat music scene. His captivating melodies, entrepreneurial spirit, and unwavering commitment to his fans have propelled him to great heights.

As he continues to make waves both musically and in the business world, his journey promises to inspire and entertain audiences worldwide. Stay tuned for more of his infectious tunes and entrepreneurial endeavors as he strives to make a lasting impact in the music industry and beyond.

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