Jade Cargill Biography, Net Worth, Parents, Siblings, Family, Career, Education, Personal Life

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Jade Cargill, the wrestling sensation

Jade Cargill, a well-known figure in the world of professional wrestling, has been gaining widespread attention recently.

Here are the latest updates about her: Cargill joined WWE in September of the previous year, shortly after parting ways with All Elite Wrestling. She already envisions building a legacy worthy of the Hall of Fame for herself within WWE.

For those interested, there’s a behind-the-scenes video on YouTube that provides a glimpse into Jade Cargill’s preparation for her appearance at the Royal Rumble.

Additionally, there are reports suggesting that she will be continuing her training at the WWE Performance Center.


Jade Cargill, born on June 3, 1992, has etched her name in the annals of professional wrestling history. From her early life to her remarkable career in AEW and WWE, this comprehensive biography unveils the captivating journey of an icon.

Jade Cargill, as of 2024, stands as a prominent American professional wrestler. Born in Gifford, Florida, of Jamaican descent, her journey in the wrestling world has been nothing short of extraordinary.

This section delves into essential details about her age, place of birth, nationality, ethnicity, and occupation.

Early Life and Education

Cargill’s academic and athletic prowess shone during her high school years at Sebastian River High School and Vero Beach High School.

A graduate of Jacksonville University with a degree in social science, she excelled in basketball, earning recognition in the Atlantic Sun Preseason First Team. Her educational journey also includes a certified master’s in child psychology.


Jade Cargill entered professional wrestling through a WWE tryout in April 2019. Under the guidance of Mark Henry, she refined her skills at wrestling schools like AR Fox’s WWA4 Academy and Nightmare Factory with Q. T. Marshall and Dustin Rhodes.

Her debut in AEW on November 11, 2020, marked the start of an impressive career. Currently signed with World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), Cargill previously gained recognition in All Elite Wrestling (AEW) before transitioning to WWE.

Making her TV debut in 2021 alongside basketball legend Shaquille O’Neal, she has quickly become a notable figure in the wrestling world, viewed as a dominant athlete poised to make a significant impact.

In September 2023, Cargill joined WWE after departing from AEW.

Jade Cargill Net Worth (as of 2024)

With a net worth of $4 million, Jade Cargill’s financial success mirrors her triumphs in the wrestling ring. This section explores the financial aspect of her career, providing insights into her earnings and endorsements.

Personal Life

Beyond the wrestling spotlight, Cargill shares a personal life that includes a marriage to former Cincinnati Reds second baseman Brandon Phillips.

The couple has a daughter named Bailey Quinn. This section delves into details about her family life, providing a glimpse into her role as a wife and mother.

Parents and Siblings

Jade Cargill’s parents are Debra Green and Ricky Cargill. She has two brothers, Shawn and another brother, and three sisters, April, Deandra, and Dawn.


Is Jade Cargill still active in professional wrestling?

As of September 2023, Jade Cargill concluded her AEW tenure, and she made her WWE in-ring debut in January 2024.

What is the significance of Cargill’s 508-day reign as AEW TBS Champion?

Cargill’s reign set a record as the longest for any AEW championship, marking a historic achievement in her career.

How did Cargill transition from AEW to WWE?

After leaving AEW, Jade Cargill officially signed with WWE in September 2023, becoming the first signing under TKO Group Holdings.

In Conclusion

Jade Cargill’s journey from AEW to WWE, her championship reign, and personal milestones make her biography a testament to resilience and success.

This article captures the essence of her life, ensuring a comprehensive and engaging read for wrestling enthusiasts and beyond.

Jade Cargill - AEW TBS Champion
Jade Cargill, the wrestling sensation

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