Jim Cantore Children: Meet Jim Cantore Children, Daughter, Son

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Jim Cantore Children: Discover the Family of Meteorologist Jim Cantore – Meet Jim Cantore’s children, daughter, and son. Learn about the personal side of the renowned meteorologist and his family life. Get insights into the life beyond weather reporting.

Who Is Jim Cantore

Jim Cantore, born on February 16, 1964, in Beacon Falls, Connecticut, is a renowned American meteorologist and a familiar face on The Weather Channel. Standing at 1.73m tall, Cantore possesses a charismatic presence that complements his work.

Raised in White River Junction, Vermont, he graduated from Lyndon State College in 1986, kickstarting his career at The Weather Channel shortly after.

Throughout his journey, Cantore’s ability to translate complex weather events into understandable terms has gained him widespread recognition.

Cantore’s remarkable coverage extends beyond severe weather phenomena like Hurricanes Ike, Katrina, and Sandy. He’s ventured into various domains, reporting on events such as the Space Shuttle Discovery launch, “Winter X Games,” PGA tournaments, and NFL games.

His contribution to weather reporting earned him accolades, including the AMS Television Seal of Approval and the NOAA-David S. Johnson Award. Beyond meteorology, Cantore is the narrator of the TWC series “Storm Stories” and “Local on the 8s.”

Additionally, his presence has become synonymous with impending severe weather events, a notion humorously depicted in a 2011 commercial by The Weather Channel.

Jim Cantore’s net worth stands at around $5 million, stemming from his meteorology career. With a monthly salary exceeding $1 million, he continues to be a steadfast figure in the realm of weather reporting.

Jim Cantore Children: Meet Jim Cantore Children, Daughter, Son
📸 Photo: FameOnly – Jim Cantore Children

Jim Cantore Children: Meet Jim Cantore Children, Daughter, Son

It’s worth noting that Jim Cantore remarried as of mid-2022. He and his ex-wife Tamra welcomed two children into the world, with their youngest child being Ben.

Jim Cantore, a well-known meteorologist and TV personality, was previously married to his first wife named Tamra Cantore. Their wedding took place in 1990. Tamra Cantore was a news reporter. However, their marriage came to an end in 2009.

Despite the challenges he faced, Jim Cantore has been actively involved in charitable work. He has dedicated his time to organizations like FRAXA, which is focused on Fragile X research, and the Parkinson’s Unity Walk.

Additionally, he has participated in events organized by the Make-a-Wish Foundation across the United States. Jim Cantore’s commitment to philanthropy also led him to serve as a celebrity cabinet member for the American Red Cross.

Jim Cantore’s journey has been marked by both personal and professional milestones. Despite the challenges in his personal life, he has used his platform to make a positive impact on various charitable causes.

His dedication to raising awareness and contributing to organizations demonstrates his commitment to making a difference beyond the realm of meteorology and broadcasting.


The couple has two children together, Christina Cantore and Ben Cantore. Sadly, both of their children have been diagnosed with Fragile X syndrome.

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