Meet Juan Gabriel’s Wife: Was Juan Gabriel Married to Laura Salas?

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Meet Juan Gabriel’s Wife: Was Juan Gabriel Married to Laura Salas? He is a Mexican Music Legend – Juan, often known as Juanga or El Divo de Juárez, was a celebrated Mexican singer, songwriter, and actor who left an enduring legacy in the Latin music world.

Who Is Juan Gabriel?

Juan Gabriel, originally known as Alberto Aguilera Valadez, was a versatile Mexican talent born on January 7, 1950, in Parácuaro, Michoacán, Mexico. He faced a challenging upbringing as the youngest of ten siblings, raised by his mother, who worked as a housekeeper, in Juarez, Chihuahua.

What made Juan Gabriel truly unique was his flamboyant style, which broke boundaries in the Latin music scene. He firmly established himself as Mexico’s top commercial singer-songwriter, showcasing his skills in various genres, including rancheras with mariachi, ballads, pop, rock, and even disco.

He built an impressive catalog of hits and collaborated with esteemed Latin artists like Angélica María, Gualberto Castro, Aida Cuevas, Enriqueta Jiménez, Lucha Villa, Ana Gabriel, Lorenzo Antonio, as well as international sensations such as José José, Luis Miguel, and Rocío Dúrcal.

Juan Gabriel was recognized as one of Mexico’s most accomplished songwriters and vocalists, earning six Grammy nominations, and his albums sold over 100 million copies worldwide. Sadly, his journey came to an end on August 28, 2016, in Santa Monica, California, at the age of 66.

A Musical Genius

Juan Gabriel was not just a singer; he was one of Mexico’s greatest composers, with a knack for crafting unforgettable songs. Throughout his career, he produced around 1,800 songs that continue to captivate audiences worldwide.

Iconic Tracks

Some of his most famous songs include “Amor eterno,” “Querida,” “Yo no nací para amar,” and many more. These classics, sung by Juan Gabriel himself and other artists, remain beloved by fans.

A Humble Beginning

Born in Parácuaro, Michoacán, Mexico, Juan Gabriel was the youngest of ten siblings.

His early life was marked by adversity, with his mother moving to Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua, to escape his father’s mental health issues.

He spent eight years at the El Tribunal boarding school, where he formed important bonds with key figures in his life.

The Path to Fame

Juan Gabriel’s musical journey began at a young age. At 13, he composed his first song while living with his teacher, Juan Contreras. He later returned to his mother and became involved in a local Methodist church, singing in the choir.

In 1965, he made his TV debut and performed under the name Adán Luna. He gained popularity while performing at the Noa-Noa bar and persevered through setbacks in Mexico City’s music scene.

Trials and Triumphs

Juan Gabriel faced financial hardships, even sleeping at bus and train stations in pursuit of his music career. He also endured a year and a half of imprisonment at Palacio de Lecumberri prison due to false accusations. Remarkably, he composed some of his iconic songs during his time in prison.

A New Beginning

His life took a turn for the better when he gained support from Mexican singer Prieta Linda and her husband Ofelia Urtuzuastegui Ruiz, who helped him get released from prison. He spent two years living with them and adopted the name Juan Gabriel.

Personal Life

Juan Gabriel never married but had six children with different mothers. His sexuality remains a subject of interpretation, with his statements on the matter being somewhat ambiguous.

Tragedy and Legacy

In 2005, tragedy struck when Juan Gabriel fell from the stage and suffered a broken neck, leading to an eight-month hiatus from touring. He passed away on August 28, 2016, due to a heart attack.

His ashes were returned to his house in Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua, after receiving tributes from the city and the Palacio de Bellas Artes de Mexico.

Meet Juan Gabriel's Wife, Was Juan Gabriel Married to Laura Salas

Meet Juan Gabriel’s Wife: Was Juan Gabriel Married to Laura Salas?

Juan Gabriel shared a romantic relationship with Laura Salas, who is the mother of four of his children. He lovingly called Laura “the best friend of my life,” and their family held a special place in the public’s hearts.

In addition to his four children with Laura, Juan Gabriel had a fifth child named Luis Alberto Aguilera. Luis’s mother was Guadalupe Gonzalez, who worked as one of Gabriel’s domestic employees.

Luis Alberto Aguilera lived in Las Vegas and primarily communicated with Gabriel through email. On October 26, 2016, Primer Impacto uncovered the existence of Juan Gabriel’s sixth child, named Joao Gabriel. Joao was residing in Los Angeles, California.


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