Ogb Recent Biography and Net Worth, Age, Wikipedia, State, Tribe, Education, Career

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Meet Ogb Recent (Cultist Boy), whose real name is Michael Charles. He is a unique and exceptional Nigerian comedian known for his brand of comedy. He was inspired to start his career by Brain Jotter.

Ogb Recent Biography

Micheal Charles, whose stage name is Ogb Recent, is a 26-year-old Nigerian comedian and actor from Ijaw in Warri Town, Delta State, Nigeria. He is not currently married and has a net worth estimated at $20,000. He is a popular personality on Instagram, known for his hilarious skits and as an influencer.

Ogb Recent Biography and Net Worth, Age, State, Tribe, Education, Career

Ogb Recent start gaining popularity in Nigeria in the early year of 2020. However, some people believe that he uses references to cultism in his jokes and skits, which makes them think he may be involved in a cult. This has contributed to his growing fame, but also sparked concern among some viewers.

Age | Date of Birth

He was born on 2nd September 1997 in Ijaw in Warri Town, Delta State, Nigeria. He is currently at the age of 26 years old this year, 2023. OGB Recent is a talented actor and comedian known for creating funny jokes and comedy movies that make people laugh until they cry.

Ogb Recent Biography and Net Worth, Age, State


Ogb became famous in 2021 for his comedy skits that imitate the famous character Brain Jotter, but with his own unique style.

He also gained attention for using slang associated with cult groups, including the phrase “U wan collect?” which is used when they plan to forcefully take something from someone.

One of his most popular videos shows him on a bike threatening to beat up the driver if he asks for payment after he gets off the bike. This video helped make him a celebrity.

Children | Wife

There are rumors that OGB Recent is dating another content creator named Mandy Kiss. ((thefamousnaija.com)) However, a source has stated that OGB is solely focused on his career and isn’t interested in romantic relationships at this time.

Ogb Recent Biography and Net Worth

Net Worth

He is worth more or below $20k. ((ngnews247.com))

State of Origin | Tribe

He is Ijaw by Tribe, and he was born in Warri, Delta State, Nigeria.

Parents | Family

His parents are both from Delta State, Nigeria. ((trendyhiphop.com))

Education Background

No information available about his education background or qualifications. You can as well read the Wikipedia biodata of Prince Ren, thank you for reading the full biography and net worth of Ogb Recent. Follow us on social media (@whoiswriterblog) for social entertainment.

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