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Explore the 2024 Commonwealth Shared Scholarship, offering Master’s degrees for international students. Learn about eligibility, benefits, and the application process. Apply now!

Commonwealth Shared Scholarship Programme 2023/2024

The Commonwealth Shared Scholarship Programme plays a crucial role in the United Kingdom’s international development efforts.

This initiative is dedicated to providing Master’s degrees to postgraduate students from low- and middle-income nations.

Let’s delve into the program’s intricacies and how it stands out in fostering global collaboration.

Programme Essentials

What it Covers

The Commonwealth Shared Scholarships, jointly sponsored by the Commonwealth and UK institutions, encompass approved travel, full tuition fees, and a monthly stipend.

Notably, other scholarships covering the same costs cannot be held concurrently.

Application Process

To ensure effective administration, applicants must create a record in their name. The Commonwealth Scholarship Commission (CSC) retains anonymized demographic data for analytical research, maintaining confidentiality and efficiency throughout.

Eligibility Criteria (2024)

To be considered for the Commonwealth Shared Scholarship in 2024, applicants must:

  1. Be a citizen of or hold refugee status in an eligible Commonwealth country.
  2. Be permanently resident in an eligible Commonwealth country.
  3. Start academic studies in the UK by September 2024.
  4. Hold a first degree of at least upper second-class honors or possess a lower second-class degree with a relevant postgraduate qualification by September 2024.
  5. Not have studied or worked for more than one academic year in a high-income country.
  6. Be unable to afford UK study without this scholarship.
  7. Provide all supporting documentation in the required format.

Benefits of the 2024 Commonwealth Shared Scholarship

This scholarship, jointly funded by the CSC and participating UK universities, offers a comprehensive package, including:

  1. Approved Airfare: From the Scholar’s home country to the UK and return, funded by the CSC.
  2. Tuition Fees: Full coverage by agreement between the CSC and the UK university.
  3. Stipend: Living allowance, with higher rates for those in the London metropolitan area.
  4. Additional Allowances: Covering warm clothing, thesis preparation, and study-related travel costs.
  5. Child Allowance: Provided to Scholars with children, offering financial support based on the number of children and their ages.

Selection Process

Each participating UK university conducts its recruitment process, selecting candidates based on academic merit, the quality of the research proposal, and the potential impact on the candidate’s home country’s development.

How to Apply (Step by Step)

  1. Open Application Period: Applications are open for the 2024/25 academic year until December 14, 2023.
  2. Online Application System: Utilize the CSC’s online application system exclusively for submission.
  3. Apply Early: Due to high demand, complete and submit your application as early as possible.
  4. Select Approved Master’s Course: Choose and apply for an approved Master’s course at a participating UK university.
  5. Explore Universities: Research and view details of all participating UK universities, keeping in mind the exclusivity of these scholarships for Master’s courses.
  6. Admission Application: Besides applying for the Shared Scholarship, secure admission for your chosen university course, adhering to the university’s guidelines.
  7. Nomination Process: After the application period closes, universities nominate candidates to the CSC in March 2024.


December 14, 2023

Commonwealth Shared Scholarship 2024 - Opportunities for International Students

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