Twitter Removes Yemi Osinbajo’s Verified Badge Immediately After His Handover to Kashim Shettima

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In a surprising turn of events, Twitter, the popular social media platform, has reportedly removed the verified badge from the official Twitter account of Yemi Osinbajo, the outgoing Vice President of Nigeria.

This action took place immediately after his official handover to Kashim Shettima, the newly appointed Vice President.

The removal of the verified badge has raised eyebrows and sparked debates among social media users. The incident comes at a time when social media platforms are under scrutiny for their policies and actions regarding public figures.

Yemi Osinbajo: The Outgoing Vice President

Yemi Osinbajo has been serving as the Vice President of Nigeria since May 29, 2015, when he was inaugurated alongside President Muhammadu Buhari.

As Vice President, Osinbajo played a significant role in the Buhari administration, serving as an advisor and actively participating in various government initiatives.

Known for his legal expertise, Osinbajo has been instrumental in shaping policies and reforms aimed at fostering economic growth and social development in Nigeria.

During his tenure, Osinbajo actively utilized social media platforms to engage with the public, provide updates on government activities, and express his views on critical issues.

His official Twitter account, which had the coveted blue verified badge, served as a primary means of communication for the Vice President, attracting a substantial following.

Kashim Shettima: The Incoming Vice President

Kashim Shettima, a seasoned politician, has taken over the role of Vice President following the handover from Yemi Osinbajo.

Prior to his appointment, Shettima served as the Governor of Borno State from 2011 to 2019, during which he gained significant experience in governance and administration.

Shettima’s appointment as Vice President brings with it high expectations, as he is expected to contribute to the continued development and progress of Nigeria.

The Removal of Yemi Osinbajo’s Verified Badge

In a puzzling move, Twitter reportedly removed the verified badge from Yemi Osinbajo’s official Twitter account immediately after his handover to Kashim Shettima.

The verified badge is a symbol of authenticity and credibility on the platform, indicating that an account is operated by a public figure, celebrity, or notable personality. Its removal from Osinbajo’s account has raised questions about the reasons behind this action.

Twitter has not provided an official statement regarding the removal of Osinbajo’s verified badge, leaving room for speculation and interpretation. Some social media users speculate that the removal could be a result of a change in his official position, as he is no longer the Vice President.

Others have raised concerns about potential policy violations or controversies that may have prompted Twitter’s decision. However, without an official explanation from the platform, the true reasons remain unknown.

Debates and Reactions

The removal of Yemi Osinbajo’s verified badge from Twitter has generated significant discussions and debates on social media platforms. Many Twitter users have expressed surprise and disappointment over the action, highlighting the need for transparency and clarity in Twitter’s verification process.

Others have speculated about the implications this incident may have for other public figures and politicians on the platform. The incident has also reignited conversations about the power and influence of social media platforms in shaping public discourse.

With increasing scrutiny on these platforms, questions about their policies, accountability, and potential biases have become more prevalent. Some have called for greater regulation and transparency to ensure fair treatment of all users, regardless of their political affiliations or positions.

Twitter Removes Yemi Osinbajo's Verified Badge Immediately After His Handover to Kashim Shettima

In Conclusion

The removal of Yemi Osinbajo’s verified badge from his Twitter account immediately after his handover to Kashim Shettima has stirred significant interest and debate within Nigeria’s online community.

As Twitter continues to be a prominent platform for public figures and politicians to communicate with their constituents, transparency and fairness in its policies become crucial.

Until an official statement is issued by Twitter, the reasons behind the removal of Osinbajo’s verified badge remain speculative, leaving room for continued discussion and scrutiny.

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